2′ x 4′ Super Clone Grow Room – Features and Key Advantages


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If you are shopping for a user-friendly pre-transplanting cloning enclosure that’s both reliable and affordable, you should consider choosing the 2′ x 4′ Super Clone Grow Room. This top-of-the-range option features the most effective cloner in the world – SuperCloset’s SuperCloner 50.

The one-of-a-kind facility is evidently a clear cut above most other similar products out there.

By the same token, the immensely dependable nurturing enclosure utilizes an extraordinary cloning mechanism that has 50 plant locations – making it particularly ideal for cloners of huge-stem crops on an indoor small-scale setting.

It is again perfect for gardeners who would want to cultivate delicate or demanding plant types that may require specific flourishing conditions for specific maturity/seasonal phases such as blooming, flowering, and fruiting.

One of the excellent components included in this superior indoor gardening kit is the Gorilla tent, which also happens to be the strongest and the most durable enclosure variety in the market. This is also one of very few brands with a height that can be conveniently re-adjusted to meet many different crop needs at varying stages of growth.

With a tent that has variable height measurements, you can optimize any limited space for better yields within a surprisingly short time.

Additionally, the 2′ x 4′ Super Clone Grow Room features the SuperCloner 50-Site hydroponic system with humidity super domes. Using this kind of humidity domes ensures that plants access the essential conditions for optimal health.

Moreover, the Deep Water Culture hydroponic method makes it possible for luscious white root development. This outstanding facility therefore enables you to sow, clone, and rear as many as 50 crops before transplanting them at a perfect stage into the preferred growing area.

In the same vein, the awesome kit has two 5-gallon soil buckets to enable you to clone singularly healthy plants that will outsmart possible adversities and yield a bumper harvest. The kit will deliver impeccably unsurpassed results such that you’ll want to clone again and again.

Simply put – the 2′ x 4′ Super Clone Grow Room guarantees you the beyond-average output that any avid small-scale gardener would wish to enjoy.

Similarly, the crop nurturing package features a highly conducive cloning rack with a metallic shelving rack for preventing early stretching, SunBlaze T5 44 grow light fixture that lets out an estimated 20,000 lumens, a Phresh carbon filter, air circulation, a digital thermometer, a general hydroponics pH control kit, an Eco Series air pump, a TDS meter for monitoring nutrient availability, an analog timer, rock wool cubes for a healthy growth, foundation, among other greatly convenient and user-oriented features and functionalities.

Surprisingly, this breathtakingly versatile assortment of efficacy and top-cadre crop nurturing devices is perhaps the cheapest choice in the whole hydroponics industry – $999.00!

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Author: Sam Wilson

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