3′ x 3′ Gorilla Grow Tent – 10% Off Today!

3x3 gorilla grow tent

3x3 gorilla grow tent

price: $363.99

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Gorilla grow tents have gained popularity for indoor growing around the world. If you want to double your yields, then you have got gorilla 3×3 grow tents. These grow tents are professionally designed and is ideal for beginner or expert growers. This is one the most innovative height adjusting grow tent available on the market.

The gorillas 3×3 grow tent fits nicely into the corner of your room, providing you with extra indoor space for other projects. This tent features a reinforced roof structure that allows you to hang the grow lights and still get some space to walk around freely. The walls of the gorilla 3×3 tents are 3 times stronger than any other grow tents on the market. This makes the tent quieter, odor resistant, and light proof. Also, this tent has the strongest structure that can support up to 300 pounds of weight.

Gorilla 3×3 grow tent features

Height– This is one of the tallest grow tents available on the market. The gorilla 3×3 grow tent has a height adjusting technology that allows you to increase the height of the grow tent from 7’’ up to 10’’ tall.

Thickness– This grow tent features one of the thickest fabric with huge density if 1680D as compared to 200-600D grow tents. In this case, the 3×3 grow tents are up to 9 times denser than other tents available on the market.

Sturdiest3×3 Gorilla grow tent is one the strongest grow tents ever made. This tent is up to 5 times stronger than competitor’s tent on the market. They are made from solid metal frames which allow the tent to support up to 300 pounds of weight.

Safety– The 3×3 grow tent has the advanced infrared blocking roof that maintains the cooler surface temperatures. The tent has tight seals and dense threading to contain noise and odor in the grow tent.

Top quality– The grow tent is made from highest quality materials. In fact, you will not find plastic anywhere in the gorilla 3×3 grow tent. This tent has the best zippers that you cannot find in the competitor grow tents.

Cleanliness– The “Gorilla 3×3 grow tent has bug resistant filters” that maintain the cleanest growing environment for your plants. This tent has ducting ports to allow tight connections hence nothing gets in and out of the grow tent.

Highly insulated– The 3×3 grow tent can control climate. In this case, it is easy to maintain the perfect environment for your plants.

The gorilla 3×3 grow tent is the most reliable tents available on the market. If you want to reap maximum yields, then you should consider this tent.

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