4′ x 4′ Gorilla Grow Tent – 10% Off Today!

4x4 gorilla grow tent

4x4 gorilla grow tent

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Gorilla grow tents are the ultimate tents for indoor growing that has attracted a lot of attention. One of them is Gorilla 4×4 grow tent that has ensured double yields for indoor gardeners. What makes it the most sought-after grow tent in the market? This is one of the most reputable and the most convenient grow tent as compared to the competitors on the market. The Gorilla 4×4 grow tent is the thickest, strongest, and the tallest grow tents ever designed. In fact, the gorilla tents have revolutionized the indoor growing industry. This tent provides the best environment for the growth of your plants.

Gorilla 4×4 grow tent features

Ability to adjust height: the height adjusting kit makes gorilla 4×4 grow tent one the tallest as compared the rival grow tents on the market. In this case, you can adjust the height of your tent even up to 9’ tall. Therefore, you plants can grow up to 50 percent taller as compared to that of other grow tents on the market. You have not get any problems of crawling or banging your head into the lights since the gorilla 4×4 grow tent provide you with maximum height. Also, the taller tent gives you higher yields just in the case of gorilla 4×4 tent.

Toughest: Gorilla 4×4 grow tent is one the strongest and thickest tents ever created. It is made with the thickest 1860D fabric that makes it light proof, stronger and more durable. Also, this tent has reflective fabric that provides enhanced reflectivity and better light distribution in the grow tent. The better light reflectivity minimizes the hot spots thus ensuring better growth of your plants.

Durable: the Gorilla tents have frames that are up to 5 times stronger than those of other grow tents available on the market. The poles of this tent are made from 100 percent metal unlike other grow tents that use fragile plastics. In this case, the “Gorilla 4×4 grow tents tend to last longer” than the competitors’ tent on the market. Being made from the high-quality materials, the chances of gorilla 4×4 tent crushing your plants is eliminated.

Safest: the Gorilla 4×4 grow tent includes safety features that ensure maximum safety of your plants. It has infrared blocking technology that ensures no harmful light gets into your plants. Also, the thick fabric ensures no leakage and odors in the grow tent.

Gorilla 4×4 grow tents have gained wide popularity in the market. It provides double yields making it one of the most trusted grow tents by the beginner and expert growers.

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