5′ x 5′ Super Clone Grow Room – Features and Benefits


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For both experienced and inexpert cloners looking for the most convenient cloning enclosures out there, the 5′ x 5′ Super Clone Grow Room would be an excellent choice.

One of the top reasons why this marvelous nurturing kit is great for indoor farming is the fact that it contains the two leading cloners in the world – SuperCloset’s SuperCloner 50. Again, the facility utilizes deep water germination culture and adequate cloning space to house 100 planting locations.

This makes it large enough for veteran or ambitious cloners who may want to develop many shoots under the same shelter.

By the same token, the apparatus features the largest and the sturdiest grow tent variety in the present market. Besides being more durable and bigger than other brands, this version is also fully illuminated by two 4-foot 4-bulb Sun Blaze Cool Spectrum fixtures.

These heavy duty lighting devices ensure that the entire grow space is adequately lit throughout the cloning period. Additionally, the effective lighting sources provide appropriate radiance spectrums for germinating varying crop species.

Do you still feel that this isn’t the superior germination setup you would like to use for your in-home gardening venture? If this is your honest opinion, then you may not have considered the dual SuperCloner 50-Site hydroponic systems with humidity super domes.

These custom-built hydroponic systems supply your shoots with all the vital necessities at different stages of development. In fact, this germination mechanism is universally praised for germinating lusciously healthy trees.

On top of the top-notch functions and components described above, the outstanding cloning package is also ubiquitously famed for its six five-gallon soil buckets. These enlarged containers enable growers to germinate many shoots simultaneously.

Moreover, the equipment additionally features dual cloning racks for developing perfectly healthy crops that will do well on their second growth environment after transplanting. In a similar vein, the cloning racks are quite helpful as they counter early plant stretching.

Further, the 5′ x 5′ Super Clone Grow Room has a Phresh carbon filter that have lately won universal recognition as the most appropriate filters for big germinating enclosures. With exclusive carbon charcoal sifting mechanism, this filter eliminates any obnoxious gaseous odors. It is the only product known to create strictly neutral/balanced internal air.

If you still doubt whether this is right package in the market, then you should note that it again includes top-quality air conditioning fans for regulating internal temperatures, a hygrometer for gauging temperatures and humidity levels, an Eco Series air pump, a TDS meter, a six-socket industrial power strip, and rock wool cubes made of spun granite and wicks for proper root development for improved survival and future adaptability.

Worry about the price? It’s not as high as you may have already mistakenly guessed – only $1399.00!

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Author: Sam Wilson

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