My name is Sam and I am passionate about Hydroponics. It was in Summer, three years back, when I started my Hydroponics journey. I had just $1000 to invest. Bought a hydroponic system.

I grew a range of exotic plants. Twice it was cannabis. And within a year I made more than I invested.

Soon the quest for better hydroponic system began. I researched and found several systems. Some met my requirements while others didn’t.

Unfortunately, for some reason I was not satisfied with grow tents. It was then I heard about Gorilla Grow tents. Instantly I fell in love with it.

It was at this time I realized that grow tents are vital element of hydroponics.

There were many sites dedicated to hydroponics in general. But there was hardly any site that specifically catered to grow tents. I guess grow tents wasn’t considered serious enough.

And that is why I started Sams Grow Tents. A blog dedicated to only Grow tents.

If for some reason you wish to contact me then use this Contact page