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Provide your plants with the best environment to ensure double yields. The 5×5 Gorilla grow tent is the most reliable grow tent on the market. Whether you are new or an experienced grower, Gorilla 5×5 grow tent is your perfect solution.

This tent features the sturdiest fabric that is up to 9 times thicker than rival tents on the market. Moreover, the 5×5 grow tent is made from a reflective fabric that ensure excellent light distribution that ensure optimum growth of your plants. You will have the capability to adjust the height of Gorilla 5×5 grow tent up to 10’ tall. In this case, there is no worry of crouching inside the tent when tending your plants.

Gorilla 5×5 grow tent features

Additional height: Unlike the competitor’s grow tents; the Gorilla 5×5 tent height can be adjusted to allow more space for both plants and humans. In this case, you have no stress while moving around in this tent. With this tent, you can achieve up to 2 feet of additional vertical space.

All-metal pole construction: You will not find any plastic components in Gorilla 5×5 grow tent structure as compared to most competitors grow tents on the market. The poles and structures of the Gorilla5x5 tent is made of pure metal which enhance the strength of this tent.

Superior quality: This tent is made of highest quality materials that make it stand out among the rival products in the market. For instance, the Gorilla5x5 grow tent have the toughest zippers you will never get elsewhere. Also, this grow tent has large windows where you can view inside without disturbing your plants. Moreover, the 5×5 Gorilla tent is made from high quality 1680D fabric that makes it the densest grow tents available on the market.

Long -lasting: The Gorilla 5×5 grow tent is extremely durable and you will harvest your crops numerous times before making replacement of the tent. In this case, this tent will provide value for your money.

Safest: This tent features advanced technology to provide maximum safety for your crops. The infrared blocking roof maintains the perfect temperature inside the grow tent. The tent features the ultra-dense threading and tight seals to keep away odor and noise from your grow tent. Moreover, the grow tent has a strong flood pool to hold water in case the malfunctioning of the hydro system.

The “5×5 gorilla grow tent provides you with the ultimate growing experience”. This tent is built to last and provide perfect conditions for maximum yields. Whether you a new or expert grower, this grow tent is easy to set up.

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