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Give your plants a perfect growing environment with the 5×9 gorilla grows tent. Gorilla 5×9 grow tent is simply the best grow tent around the world. This grow tent is perfect for beginners and ideal for expert growers.

The 5×9 gorilla grow tent is packed with top-notch features that makes it surpass its competitors. The tent has been carefully designed to make it more convenient and efficient. For instance, the ducting ports have been placed on the best position. Moreover, the 5×9 gorilla grow tent has large EZ windows for easy viewing without compromising the environment for your plants.

Also, the tent offers 360 degree access and large layout for stress-free maneuvering inside the tent. The gorilla tents are unmatched to any other grow tent brand on the market. Growing on the gorilla 5×9 grow tent is the perfect way to get a bumper harvest.

Gorilla 5×9 grow tent features

Extra height: the 5×9 gorilla grow tent has height adjustable poles where you can increase the height of the tent from 7’ to 8’. Also, the grow tent features a height extension kit which allow you to increase the height up to 10’.

Heavy duty: the tent is made from high quality materials that last for a very long time. The tent has high thread density of 1680D unlike most of the tents that have density of 200D-600D. If you want the densest tent on the market, you should consider 5×9 Gorilla grow tent. Gorilla 5×9 grow tent is 3-9 times denser than other grow tents available on the market.

Extra strength: the gorilla 5×9 grow tent includes a solid metal interlocking frames that is up to 5 times stronger than the rival tents on the market. This makes the gorilla so strong that it can bear up to 300 pounds of weight.

Hygienic: This tent allows the plants to grow in the safest environment free from harmful substances. The 5×9 gorilla grow tent features an innovative infrared blocking roof that blocks harmful rays from reaching your plants. Also, the tent has tight seals that help to prevent odors in the grow tent. Moreover, the tent has sturdiest flood pool to prevent the tent from water damage in the event of the malfunctioning of hydro system.

Easy to install: the tent comes with easy-to-follow instructions for installation. In this case, it becomes much easier to set up this tent as compared to other competitor’s tent on the market.

The gorilla 5×9 grow tent provide you with the perfect opportunity to double your yields. This grow tent will give you incredible growing experience.

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