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Need an indoor space to grow special plants? The gorilla 8×6 grow tent provides you with enough space to grow the plants of your choice. With this tent, you will get unmatched growing experience that you will never get in any other rival grow tents. This massive 8×16 gorilla grow tent has the width 8 feet and length of 16 feet. When it comes to height, the 8×16 gorilla grow tent is the tallest since it comes with height adjustable kit. Unlike other tents where you have to crouch while moving around in the tent, this is a thing of the past in 8×16 grow tent. This tent is designed using the state-of-the-art technology that makes it outsmart all the competitors. The 8×16 gorilla grow tent is professionally designed to allow optimum growth for your plants. When it comes to the material, 8×16 grow tent boasts of ultra-dense 1680D fabric that is extremely durable.

Gorilla 8×16 grow tent features

What makes 8×16 gorilla grow tent stand out in the competition? The top-class grow tent has award-winning features that include:

Super strength: the gorilla 8×16 grow tent is made from high-quality materials that have been subjected to rigorous test. For instance, the poles of this grow tent is made from 100 percent metal without any plastic components on it. In this case, the 8×16 gorilla grow tent can withstand the immense weight of up to 300 pounds. Moreover, the 1680D fabric used in this tent is up to 9 times denser than those of the competitor’s tent on the market.

Additional height: this 8×16 gorilla grow tent comes with the height adjusting kit that raises the tent up to 10′. Therefore, the tent will provide you with the hassle-free movement of crouching. Moreover, this height adjusting capability will allow your plants to grow up to 50 percent taller than in other competitor tents.

Safest: the “gorilla 8×16 gorilla grow tent has features” that allow maximum safety for your plants inside the tent. It has an infrared blocking roof that maintains optimum temperature for your plants. Moreover, the tent is tightly sealed such that it does not allow odor and noise inside the tent. The gorilla 8×16 grow tent has best flood pool to protect the tent from water damage.

Easiest: This tent comes with easy-to-follow manual for installation making it one the easiest tent to set up.


The 8×16 gorilla grow tent is one of the best tents available on the market. It is not only durable, but it provides double yields for your plants for several harvesting seasons.

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