Gorilla Grow Tent Review – Pros and Cons

Even though a clueless beginner may pick just any grow tent they come across, every seasoned indoor gardener understands that their overall yields depend on the type of grow enclosure they select.

Since the gradually expanding hydroponics industry is full of different grow tent brands, choosing the most reliable version may prove reasonably challenging. As such, this article highlights the outstanding benefits of the world’s best in-home farming enclosure type – gorilla grow tent.

Continue reading this gorilla grow tent review to discover the top 4 singularly striking advantages this one-of-a-kind grow room that’s widely liked tent type.

1. Professional Design

First, gorilla grow tent is professionally designed for easy and effective use by both perfect beginners and experienced growers worldwide. For instance, a closer look at this product will reveal that its ducting pots are properly positioned where they ought to be.

Similarly, the enclosure is meticulously engineered with remarkably large EZ window views to enable users to take snapshots without compromising the environment. Therefore, this expertly woven tent gives both starters and veteran growers a chance to handle their hydroponics project confidently and successfully.

2. Height Adjustability –Tallest Brand

Again, your growing enclosure material should easy and fully be convenient to adjust to the required heights. This is because different types of plants have different space necessities for holistic growth and optimal fruition.

Even within a given crop species, different height specifications will vary from one stage of development to another. As such, this tent brand is an awesome choice as it allows you to appropriately change the tent height.

This is possible because the fabric has patent-pending adjustable poles that can be extended accordingly.

3. Thicket Material

Moreover, gorilla grow tents are the thickest enclosure material worldwide. With a great density of 1,680D, these superior alternatives are up to three times denser than any similar product out there.

The extra inches of thickness help achieve desired atmospheric conditions for maximal growth and greater harvest.

Everyone would really want to invest in the sturdiest grow tent option in the industry. Therefore, gorilla grow tent is certainly everyone’s number selection given the indisputable fact that it is the strongest tent ever made.

With a conveniently interlocking metallic frame that is many times stronger than the strongest competitor variety, this hydroponics product is a real godsend relief to millions of small-scale gardeners internationally.

In fact, so strong is the tent that it can hold up to 300 lbs.

4. Unrivaled Safety

By the same token, gorilla grow tent is the safest hydroponics enclosure brand out there. With patent-pending infrared blocking roof, this custom-made option maintains healthy temperature levels within the whole interior beneath.

Its dense threading and tight sealing enables it to contain any unsettling noise and odors from within. Due to its superlatively strong fabric, it can also hold large water amounts on its upper surface as it comes with unbeatably sturdy flood pool that holds a lot of rain water.

As a result, the flooded tent can’t cave in and smash up your crops.

Similarly, both noise and air pollution are effectively kept at bay since malodorous gases and noise can’t go beyond the growing space.

Author: Sam Wilson

Sam is into Hydroponic for the last 5 years. He has several hydroponic systems (most of them are exotic plants). You can follow him on Google+, FaceBook, Twitter & Youtube.

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