Big Buddha Box 9′ x 9′ Vertical Grow Room – Top Benefits


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The Big Buddha Box 9′ x 9′ Vertical Grow Room is appropriately configured to meet the needs of both beginners and seasoned in-home gardeners. The most prominent feature of this incredibly user-friendly kit is the Big Buddha Box Vertical Hydroponic System.

This grow tent technology is universally recognized for improved yields that surpass those of any horizontal growing equipment. Since the Big Buddha Box can accommodate as many as 75 plants, it is exceptionally suitable for gardeners who want to cultivate numerous stems for impressively better results.

Expertly assembled in California, this singularly efficient grow enclosure features a gorilla tent – the strongest brand in the market. In a similar vein, this tent version remains the thickest variety whose height can be severally adjusted to fit the fluctuating needs of particular plant types.

Gorilla tents also feature an aluminium framework that’s fairly immune to rusting and other forms of continual degradation. Its highly reflective interior markedly boosts internal lighting since even directly unlit sections are still well-illuminated through optimal reflectivity.

Another notable component that makes the Big Buddha Box 9′ x 9′ Vertical Grow Room outstandingly great for nurturing plants at home is the dual 600w HPS SuperCool lighting system.

For instance, this superb lighting facility can be dimmed from time to time to ensure that your crops get the right amount of light for particular development stages such as blooming and flowering.

Specifically configured to enable maximum control, this illumination system is again tremendously appropriate for temperature regulation. Remember that the internal conditions should be fully compatible with the fluctuating development conditions for the unhindered survival of different species.

By the same token, don’t forget the fact that this strikingly consumer-oriented apparatus has a phresh carbon filter that fully neutralizes the malodorous gases inside the enclosure.

There’s also a trellis system that helps support and train plants in their tender stages, a digital thermometer for taking both internal and external temperatures and humidity levels, a TDS meter for determining the amount of nutrients and moisture in the soil, and a general hydroponics pH control kit for gauging the levels of alkalinity and acidity in your enclosure.

Finally, you should note that this fittingly structured facility is properly equipped with top quality air conditioning devices that purify the entire growing space.

For instance, the ActiveAir internal circulation fans help move the air around the whole room. Unlike similar products out there, this product’s air purification mechanism is nearly noise-free. It can’t be compared to others whose cooling devices produce disturbing or unsettling sounds, especially after many hours of operation.

Nevertheless, the most stunning fact is that this extremely user-oriented setup goes for $5,395.00 only!

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Buddha Box 5′ x 5′ Vertical Grow Room – Key Advantages & Features


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If you’re looking for a turnkey vertical hydroponics system that will give you the unparalleled yields you crave, the Buddha Box 5′ x 5′ Vertical Grow Room is therefore an exciting consideration.

Superbly created the Box Vertical Hydroponic System that promises far better yields than any horizontal variety in the market, the VerticalPonic growing technology it utilizes makes it one of the most impressive indoor gardening equipment in the current market.

Nut-shelled, it is simply the top choice for both starters and veteran in-home gardeners alike.

There are some practical reasons the Buddha Box 5′ x 5′ Vertical Grow Room is the right apparatus for millions of leading gardening lovers worldwide. Just like many other hydroponics packages by the same manufacturer, this unrivalled gardening facility features a height-adjustable gorilla grow tent – so far the biggest version in the global market.

Besides being awesomely large and enlargeable, gorilla grow tent is again the strongest and the thickest hydroponics enclosure material in the industry.

Remember that the one-of-a-kind package also contains a dual 400w HPS SuperCool Lumatek lighting system – a full spectrum option that is wholly digitalized and dimmable. This unmistakably helpful lighting system is expertly engineered for controlled light penetration and peak efficiency.

Unlike other products that get unfavorably hot after some use, this system is fitted with a hurricane that efficiently cools the internal area.

As such, the effective cooling system regulates internal temperatures to keep them within safe brackets for the health of various crop species.

In terms of grow room lighting reliability and efficacy, this mechanism is outright unequaled as it gives you the much-needed peace of mind as you continue nurturing your plants.

Strikingly, the Lumatek ballasts in this lighting option make it possible to easily operate your lights with unfettered convenience – depending on the changing growth conditions of your specific crops.

Besides the matchless features above, the kit further has a Phresh carbon filter that is exclusively suitable for bigger grow rooms with many plants. With a carbon filling that neutralizes the air inside the enclosure, this excellent component makes it possible for a wide range of plant types to thrive in the best way nature intended.

Throw in a trellis system for supporting and training crops, and you right away conclude that this is a godsend apparatus for you!

There is also a digital thermometer, a general hydroponics pH control kit, Eco Air 5 commercial air pumps, a little giant water pump, and a TDS meter for monitoring the availability of nutrients and moisture in the soil.

Despite its superior operability and several top-cadre components, this unsurpassed setup goes for a mere $4,495.00!