SuperRoom 9′ x 9′ HPS Grow Room – Components & Top Advantages


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The SuperRoom 9′ x 9′ HPS Grow Room is the right equipment for growers looking for the dependable grow enclosures out there.

It is pre-assembled hydroponics apparatus that even starters will find incredibly easy to handle and maintain. This is because it comes with fundamental instructional tips on a DVD as well as extra brochures full of growing ideas to start you off.

It is simply one of the most convenient options for users who don’t have any previous familiarity with indoor farming paraphernalia.

In fact, this one-of-a-kind choice comes pre-packaged for immediate use.

Unlike many other brands in the industry, this uniquely exquisite facility attracts an extended warranty of three years. For instance, the kit includes the biggest grow tent alternative out there –the Gorilla Grow Tent 9′x 9′x 6’11″ (7’11″ w/ extension).

It is the largest height-adjustable enclosure in the current industry. Moreover, it is the sturdiest hydroponics product available for experienced farmers seeking to cultivate many stems or different varieties within the same enclosure.

Exclusively designed for indoor gardeners who want to reap maximum results, the manufacturer gives buyers of this extraordinarily efficient setup an opportunity to choose between one of the two SuperPonics systems available.

The 24-bubble flow buckets are the largest alternative in the present market and cater for particularly crops that have deeper roots.

In a similar vein, the 52-site super flow mechanism is the first non-blocking version that requires very little maintenance. It is also internationally lauded for its impressive growth rates across a wide range of herb species.

Other incomparable parts that make this optimized hydroponics kit versatile and user-friendly include four 600w HPS SuperCool lighting systems and sunlight supply Blazer 6″ AC reflectors.

The maximally radiant lighting option will allow you to practice hassle-free growing within the comfort of your homestead. It is also expertly crafted to provide different electromagnetic spectrums that meet the growth demands for various plant species.

Additionally, this unique reflector contains tempered glass and is extremely durable. Increased durability means that the apparatus requires less maintenance in the long term.

To the impeccable components above, add a Phresh carbon filter for internal purification, a set of air conditioning devices, a trellis system for crop training and propping, 185-gallon-per-hour water pump, a general hydroponics pH control kit for ascertaining both acidity and alkalinity, and a hygrometer for monitoring outside and inside humidity levels and temperature readings.

To purchase this awesome setup, with all its highly effective parts, you’ll only part with $4,999.95. It is evidently not as much as you’d estimate – is it?

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SuperRoom 5′ x 9′ HPS Grow Room – Ultimate Package for Bumper Harvest


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The SuperRoom 5′ x 9′ HPS Grow Room is the right kit for your indoor farming project. The fully automated setup comes with a comprehensive manual that includes all the basic operational tips to help you embark on the actual growing shortly after purchasing.

Additionally, it is sold with an-easy-to-follow planting instructions loaded on a DVD.

These user guidelines are meant to minimize cases of damage as a result of 50-50 trial-and-error assemblage and use. Since some individuals may still mishandle their equipment due to inexperience or excusable oversight, the excellent paraphernalia also provides an extended three-year warranty to cushion you against unanticipated technical glitches or financial losses.

This California-made package is specially mechanized in a maximally user-friendly style to help even first-time growers undertake their project like long-established pros.

It includes a number of hi-tech easy-to-operate components such as a gorilla grow tent 5′x 9′x 6’11″ (7’11″ w/ extension) that provides you with ample room to grow many crops within a single enclosure. The sturdy is also an ideal choice for determined in-house farmers who may want to rear different crop varieties within the same grow room.

Moreover, the SuperRoom 5′ x 9′ HPS Grow Room features 12-site bubble flow buckets that enable you to combine time-tested horticultural deep-water culture and up-welling technology for greater results.

Unlike other products that can’t ensure equitable distribution of water and vital nutrients, this system makes it possible to spread moisture and essential nutrients evenly under the soil. With proper nourishment of every single stem, indoor farmers can confidently to a bumper harvest.

Added to the highly efficient functionalities above are other splendid components such as a 26-site super flow system – the very first non-blocking aeroponic hydroponics technology in the industry.

On top of this, there are Dual 600w HPS SuperCool lighting systems that are specifically configured for complete control and well-regulated penetration, a dual sunlight supply AC reflectors that entirely take care of the whole grow area.

Besides these rare specs and superior inclusions, the grow room also has a Phresh carbon filter for appropriately balanced internal air, well-set noise-free air conditioning fans, a fully mechanized trellis system for crop propping and training, and a digital thermometer for assessing external and internal temperatures and humidity levels.

However, the SuperRoom 5′ x 9′ HPS grow room is not as expensive as its breathtakingly dazzling attributes and efficacy may suggest.

This pre-assembled collection of effortless functionality and exponentially automated features goes for a small $2995.00! It is so affordably priced, yet it offers all you need to manage your in-home orchard like a real professional who has been doing for all ages past. Talk of the cliché – more for less!

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SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ HPS Grow Room – Successful Indoor Grower’s Secret!


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The SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ HPS Grow Room is a great gardening grow space apparatus that makes in-home gardening fun and enjoyable.

Professionally designed to suit diverse crop species, the entirely automated package comes with everything you need to embark on your small-scale farming immediately after buying.

Like all the other hydroponics kits by the same manufacturer, the setup comes with a three-year warranty. You don’t have to worry about inflicting financial dents on your budget as a result of accidental malfunctions since all repair costs will be taken care of by the maker.

The SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ HPS Grow Room is one of the widely liked grow room systems out there due to its numerous wonderful benefits.

One of the biggest reasons gardeners prefer this package is the inclusion of the tallest and the strongest grow tent in the world – Gorilla Grow Tent 5′x 5′x 6’11″ (7’11″ w/ extension).

Again, growers can choose between one of the two SuperPonic systems available.

With 6-site bubble flow buckets that help you cultivate different heavy crop varieties, you just can’t ignore the top-cadre advantages of this effectively multifaceted gardening apparatus. In addition to other strengths, you also have 20-site super flow system that can be easily tailored to suit many different gardening spaces.

In a similar vein, the kit features a super-flow hydroponic system that doesn’t clog. This means that you don’t have to worry about your setup failing you when you need it most.

If you have used similar products previously, then you may have experienced costly disruptions as a result of clogged valves. Such interruptions may prove extremely expensive if they occur during critical stages such as flowering or fruition phases.

Even if you’re not particularly pleased by the irresistible advantageous components highlighted above, the 600w HPS SuperCool lighting system that is included in this superior gardening kit should at least impress you.

Aptly designed to ensure effective regulation of air, the dimmable system is also circumspectly engineered to monitor light penetration for optimal function and efficiency.

Other notable additions in this unparalleled package include the sunlight supply Blazer 6″ AC reflector that is expediently crafted to cover the whole growing area, a Phresh carbon filter for neutralizing internal air, a number of sturdy inbuilt fans for constant air conditioning, a highly efficacious trellis system, a digital thermometer for monitoring external and internal temperatures and humidity levels, a general hydroponics pH kit, and an Eco series 4-port air pump for unfailing oxygen supply.

This 4-port pumping component is specifically designed to reduce both noise and mechanical breakdowns. And for all these tremendous awesome features, you’ll only pay $1, 999.95!

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SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ HPS Grow Room – for Beginners & Established Growers


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Auspiciously designed for results-oriented in-home gardeners, the 2′ x 4′ HPS Grow Room is a great package with many excellent features. The top quality enclosure is amazingly engineered to cater for multiple plant needs as many of its functions are remarkably adjustable.

Moreover, the equipment is suitably mechanized such that it can be optimally utilized by long-time farmers and starters alike. It is your long-awaited indoor farming companion – use it to realize your individual gardening dreams.

You’ll be surprised to discover just how many wonderful features the 2′ x 4′ HPS Grow Room boasts. Besides a spacious Gorilla grow tent, it also contains SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic grow system that boosts your harvest. Another plus is the 400w HPS SuperCool lighting system that’s specially configured for maximum control, peak efficiency, convenient light penetration, and temperature regulation.

If you’re not yet impressed by the host of the superior components highlighted above, think of a grow enclosure that comes with an aptly designed reflector that covers the entire growing area.

The Sunlight Supply Blazer 6″ AC reflector is just another among the numerous high-efficiency devices in this one-of-a-kind in-home farming paraphernalia.

You can’t resist a grow room facility contains a phresh carbon filter that eliminates any unwanted odors. The kit’s filter is skillfully embedded with carbon filling to guarantee a completely balanced air environment inside the growing space. Painstaking air filtering and regulation is greatly recommended as it promotes natural growth, blooming, and fruition.

The 2′ x 4′ HPS Grow Room further includes ActiveAir internal circulation fans that provide constant ventilation for proper air circulation and elimination of molds.

Since most other apparatuses have particularly noisy air conditioning systems that produce a lot of noise without fully performing their central purpose, this unique grow room model is a fine alternative that proudly towers above the rest.

This auspicious feature is topped up with an in-built inline fan, a trellis system that maximizes quality, a digital thermometer for checking both humidity and temperatures, and TDS meter for monitoring nutrients and soil moisture levels.

Your grow tent kit comes with a user guide that includes failsafe growing ideas and easy-to-follow positioning and maintenance tips on an instructional DVD.

There’s absolutely no reason to worry if you’re a beginner in hydroponics. You will no doubt harvest even more than established farmers who’ve done it for decades if you religiously adhere to the manufacturer guidelines therein. And are you already wondering how much all this bundle of good news goes for? For just $1,395, you’ll take home this godsend indoor farming kit, complete with its inimitably outstanding components and all.

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