Grow Tents For Sale With Upto 20% Off

All grow tents available for sale are Gorilla grow tents. These grow tents are of highest quality. They are sturdier, thicker and taller than all grow tents in the market. Moreover, these grow tents come with warranty and set up instructions.

Life of these grow tents are highest when compared to other grow tents. They do not tear and the fabric is strong which contains the heat.

Grow tents listed here have a discount upto 20%.

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2′ x 2’/ 2.5′ Gorilla Grow Tent

2x2 Gorilla Grow Tent

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The tent’s base stands at two by two and half feet and the height is five feet and 11 inches. It is small   allowing beginners to experiment. For hydroponics, this tent comes with a six feet by eleven inch water extension. This is a Gorilla grow tent so you can be sure it is high in quality.

The inner surface is shiny and the exterior, dark. So, the light from the lighting is kept inside the tent with none escaping. There are enough ventilation vents so your plants get the air they need and viewing windows through which you will be able to see the progress of the plants without having to open the tent.

When you decide to open the tent, heavy duty zippers will open easily and let your arms maneuver in the tent as you wish. The zippers do not allow any light to pass when closed and the sturdy frame holds the entire tent in place.

2′ x 4′ Gorilla Grow Tent

2x4 gorilla grow tent

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This professionally designed grow tent is perfect for both beginners and experts. It is both beautiful and functional. The black color on the outside is complimented by continent zippers through which you can open the door or windows.

The 360 degree zips are very classy and modern and allow you to remove the upper part of the tent. The tent’s overall design is great and it will look great in any room regardless of the décor you have in there. The interior is designed to use light efficiently. It is shiny and has a silver color that reflects the light so no heat is lost.

The entire structure is held together by a sturdy and solid frame that can hold up to 500 pounds. For outdoor use, this is the perfect choice since it is water and wind resistant. There is also a safety pool to hold any accidental water spills.

3′ x 3′ Gorilla Grow Tent

3x3 gorilla grow tent

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This tent goes 6 feet and 11 inches in height and comes with a 7 feet and 11 inches water extension. It will fit perfectly in small space allowing growers limited by space to grow as well. This tent is professionally designed and comes with an adjustable height.

The metallic frame is sturdy and holds up to 300 pounds in weight. The roof structure is reinforced so it holds all the grow tent lights in place allowing you to walk around freely. The walls are strong and perfect at insulating.

The heat is maintained inside and the reflective interior ensures that all plants receive the light they need thanks to the diamond reflective technology. The 1680D material used to the walls of this grow tent is the heaviest in the market. It keeps the tent safe, light proof, quieter in operation and last a long time.

To allow viewing of the plants without the need to open the door are large EZ windows that this tent is fitted with. Strong zippers are in place to allow closing of these and the door as well.

4′ x 4′ Gorilla Grow Tent

4x4 gorilla grow tent

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If you want to have a double yield this is the tent to get. It is thick, strong and tall. It stands 6 feet and 11 inches tall but can be adjusted to be as high as 9 feet tall. This gives you room to move around the grow tent without hitting your head. The plants also get to grow much higher and hence give more yields.

This Gorilla grow tent ensures that all your plants remain safe with an infrared blocking technology on the roof. The thick fabric that makes the tent also ensures that nothing sneaks into the tent. What is inside also remains inside including the heat from the lights so none is lost.

There are a few vents that ensure the tent is well-ventilated and these are fitted with filters that absorb any odor. The reflective interior surface ensures proper heat distribution so there are no hotspots and all plants get enough with none overheated.

The tent also serves you a long time thanks to the durable fabric making the tent and the strong metal poles holding it in place.

4′ x 8′ Gorilla Grow Tent

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This tent is perfect for anyone who would like to try indoor growing. It is not too large that you can lack space to place it and it gives enough yields. It is ideal for both hydroponics (comes with a 7’ 11” water extension) and soil cultivation.

With the modifiable height, you can get this tent to be as tall as 10 feet. This is the tallest 4×8 grow tent you will find in the market.

This grow tent ensures that your plants get all they need. The ventilation system in place allows you to pump in carbon dioxide or air and get rid or odor. The lighting ensures that the plants get the heat they need.

To ensure all plants get just enough heat this tent is fitted with a reflective interior. To conveniently view the plants without having to interfere with the environment, you can use the EZ viewing windows in place.

When you have to get inside, just down the strong zippers that guard the door and you will be able to do all your gardening freely. The frame is metallic and the fabric is strong giving you a strong tent you can rely on and one that will last a long time.




5×5 Gorilla Grow Tent

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With this tent you can be able to grow many plants and tend to them with ease. The tent can be extended up to 10 feet in height allowing more space for the plants to grow vertically and humans to move around.

Unlike competitors who use plastic or aluminum to make the frames of their grow tents, Gorilla grow tents have frames made of 100% metal. The strength of the fabric used to make the tent matches that of the frame. A 1680D fabric is used to make a tent that is 9x denser than competition.

With this your plants will be safe and the infrared blocking roof makes the plants even safer. To keep the plants safe from floods, a flood pool is present. The zips in place are strong and do not allow any light to escape when used to close all openings.

5×9 Gorilla Grow Tent

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This grow tent has top-notch features all aimed at making it efficient and convenient. The tent has 360-degree access and the adjustable height provides more room for plant growth and human movement.

A solid metal interlocking frame holds the 1680D fabric with high thread density in place to create a strong tent. It can hold up to 300 pounds. The installation is super easy and once the tent is set up it will carry out its functions optimally.

The infrared blocking roof ensures no harmful rays reach the plants and the tight seals ensure that no odors and pests reach the plants. The flood pool in place is one of the sturdiest and gives optimal protection to the tent from flood damage.

The ducting ports are placed perfectly, the large EZ allow convenient viewing of the plants. The roof is sturdy and holds all the lights in place while the diamond reflective interior ensures that the light is distributed well and all plants get what they need with none overheating.

8×8 Gorilla Grow Tent

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To house this grow tent you need a big space but it will give you more returns than any other use that you could have put the space to. The tent will create a micro-environment that is ideal for optimal growth of the plants.

The tent is fully insulated so no heat escapes and the tent is not affected by the external temperatures. The humidity levels will also be maintained at the optimum and so will the gasses required for the growth of plants. 8 x 8 Gorilla grow tents come with a detachable roof and 360-degree access.

To keep the crops safe the roof prevents infrared rays from penetrating and the tent is fitted with bug resistant filters. The ducting ports work perfectly ensuring that no unwanted materials get in or out of the tent.

The entire set-up of this Gorilla grow tent is made using heavy-duty materials. From the metallic frame to the 1680D high density fabric for the tent to the strong zips, this tent is designed to handle all nature throws at it. It will serve you for a long time will keep all your plants safe.

To view the progress of the plants, you can make use of the large EZ windows the tents come with. These are closable with strong zips that do not let a single ray of light to penetrate. All the light remains in the tent where the plants benefit.




9×9 Gorilla Grow Tent

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If you have been growing for a while and need more space then this is the tent to purchase. If you would like to start big this is a great choice as well. This tent is professionally designed so it looks great and works even better.

The tent’s frame is all metal- no plastic, no aluminum. The fabric used to make the tent is equally strong and so are the zips. The large EZ windows give you access to the entire area without having to get into the tent. When you do get into the tent you will be happy with the extra height the tent has which caters for ease maneuvering.

The heating in this tent is just perfect. The roof is strong and holds the lights in place. These lights provide the heat needed while the vents and reflective surface control the distribution of this heat. For safety, this grow tent comes with a flood pool.




8×16 Gorilla Grow Tent

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Measuring 8 feet by 16 feet by (up to) 10 feet, this grow tent is massive and allows you to grow many plants in one area. Its size however is not all that makes it stand out. The frame that holds the tent in place is made of pure metal and the tent made using heavy-duty material.

The optimum temperature is maintained within the tent by using lights and well-placed tents. All seams are tightly sealed so no light escapes and no odor or noise gets in. To close the door and large viewing windows, strong zips are used.

The best flood pool is provided to protect the plants and tent from the effects of flood water in case the hydroponics system malfunctions. This however is not to mean that you cannot undertake soil cultivation. Either way you will get double yield by relying on this tent. It will serve you for a long time as well.




10×10 Gorilla Grow Tent

10x10 grow tent

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This tent has a square base but with the adjustable height you can make it into a cube. The height adjusting kit allows users to extend the tent up to 10 feet. This grow tent is sturdy and supports up to 300 pounds in weight thanks to the metallic interlocking frames.

Inside the tents, the plants remain safe from any external interference since all seams are securely fastened and when the zips are closed they do not leave any space. To ensure the heat from the lights remains in the grow tent, a heavy-duty fabric is used to make the tent. To distribute this light fairly among the plants, the diamond reflective technology is in place.

10×20 Gorilla Grow Tent

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Do you need a large space where you can grow different kinds of plants? This is the answer. The 10×20 grow tent is big both vertically and horizontally and has room for many plants. Moving around in this tent is super easy. It is fitted with awesome features and is the number one choice for many growers.

An all metal frame is combined with a 1680D fabric to make a tent that will remain strong for years to come. The roof can hold the lights in place so the plants get enough heat. To regulate this heat the tent is fitted with vents and filters. To keep the plants safe the 10×20 grow tent is fitted with a strong flood pool and a roof that has infrared blocking capabilities.

Scared that setting up a big grow tent may be a problem? Worry not! This grow tent comes with a manual that is easy to follow and simplifies the set up process.

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