10′ x 10′ Gorilla Grow Tent – 10% Off: Only Today!

10x10 grow tent

price: $1,464.99

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Experience the new Gorilla 10×10 grow tent and get the most out of your indoor garden. This tent is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Want to get maximum yields from your indoor garden? Then Gorilla 10×10 grow tent is what you have been looking for. This is the first height adjusting grow tent ever created. In this case, you can extend the height of 10×10 gorilla grow tent up to 8feet, 9 feet, or even 10feet tall. You will grow most plants inside this tent.

Moreover, the Gorilla 10×10 grow tent offers convenient 360-degree access and perfect layout for stress-free maneuvering. Also, the thick material makes this tent last longer than any rival tent on the market. In addition, the Gorilla 10×10 grow tent is the strongest grow tent ever created. If you a need a grow that supports weight of up to 300 pounds, then 10×10 gorilla tent is the best option.

Gorilla 10×10 grow tent features

Easy installation: 10×10 gorilla grow tent has simple and easy-to-follow installation guide. Regardless of the level of expertise, anyone can install gorilla 10×10 grow tent.

100% metal interlocking frames: this is the strongest grow tent among all the competitors’ grow tents available on the market. Gorilla 10×10 grow tent comes with a solid metal interlocking frame that is much stronger than any grow tents ever made. In this case, gorilla 10×10 grow tent’s frame is 2-5 times stronger and bear up to 300 pounds of weight.

Height extension kit: with Gorilla 10×10 grow tent, there is no worry about crawling or crouching when walking around inside the tent. Also, you will no longer harvest your plants before reaching full maturity. The innovative height-adjusting poles will raise your tent from 7’ up to 10’ tall.

Safest: the Gorilla 10×10 grow tent features the advanced infrared blocking technology that maintains the optimum surface temperatures. Also, this grow tent has tight seals and very dense threading that keeps the noise and odor from the tent. Moreover, the sturdy pool found in the 10×10 gorilla tent protects your plants against water damage.

High density fabric: the Gorilla 10×10 grow tent is made of ultra-dense 1680D fabric that is incomparable to those of the competitors. In this case, the 10×10 gorilla grow is exceptionally durable and will provide you with the outstanding service.

“The Gorilla 10×10 grow tent is the most reliable grow tent that is worth your investment”. It is packed with features that ensure peaceful growth of your plants. In fact, this is the tallest, safest and the strongest grow tent available on the market.

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3′ x 3′ Gorilla Grow Tent – 10% Off Today!

3x3 gorilla grow tent

price: $363.99

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Gorilla grow tents have gained popularity for indoor growing around the world. If you want to double your yields, then you have got gorilla 3×3 grow tents. These grow tents are professionally designed and is ideal for beginner or expert growers. This is one the most innovative height adjusting grow tent available on the market.

The gorillas 3×3 grow tent fits nicely into the corner of your room, providing you with extra indoor space for other projects. This tent features a reinforced roof structure that allows you to hang the grow lights and still get some space to walk around freely. The walls of the gorilla 3×3 tents are 3 times stronger than any other grow tents on the market. This makes the tent quieter, odor resistant, and light proof. Also, this tent has the strongest structure that can support up to 300 pounds of weight.

Gorilla 3×3 grow tent features

Height– This is one of the tallest grow tents available on the market. The gorilla 3×3 grow tent has a height adjusting technology that allows you to increase the height of the grow tent from 7’’ up to 10’’ tall.

Thickness– This grow tent features one of the thickest fabric with huge density if 1680D as compared to 200-600D grow tents. In this case, the 3×3 grow tents are up to 9 times denser than other tents available on the market.

Sturdiest3×3 Gorilla grow tent is one the strongest grow tents ever made. This tent is up to 5 times stronger than competitor’s tent on the market. They are made from solid metal frames which allow the tent to support up to 300 pounds of weight.

Safety– The 3×3 grow tent has the advanced infrared blocking roof that maintains the cooler surface temperatures. The tent has tight seals and dense threading to contain noise and odor in the grow tent.

Top quality– The grow tent is made from highest quality materials. In fact, you will not find plastic anywhere in the gorilla 3×3 grow tent. This tent has the best zippers that you cannot find in the competitor grow tents.

Cleanliness– The “Gorilla 3×3 grow tent has bug resistant filters” that maintain the cleanest growing environment for your plants. This tent has ducting ports to allow tight connections hence nothing gets in and out of the grow tent.

Highly insulated– The 3×3 grow tent can control climate. In this case, it is easy to maintain the perfect environment for your plants.

The gorilla 3×3 grow tent is the most reliable tents available on the market. If you want to reap maximum yields, then you should consider this tent.

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2′ x 4′ Gorilla Grow Tent – 10% Off, Limited Time Only!

2x4 gorilla grow tent

price: 339.99

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Gorilla 2×4 grow tent is a perfect choice to grow different plants in it. This tent is good both for beginner gardeners and professionals in this field.

This grow tent has stout walls and solid construction, internally space is isolated from light, sound, and other various factors. Metal poles of this 2×4 tent are very durable and firm and can hold up to 500 pounds of weight. With help of continent zips, you can open a door or window in this tent. There is also 360 degrees zip, which looks very modern and with it you can remove the top part of the tent. Also, 2×4 grow tent has lasting safety pool for accidental spills of water.

This tent has very good interior and will look very well in a room in any design style. Also, it significantly improves light performance in any room.

If you want to place this grow tent outdoors, it is a great choice too. This product is on one hundred percent wind and water-resistant. You can place it in a garden, in a greenhouse or just in the middle of the field if you want to.

Features of 2′ x 4′ Gorilla Grow Tent

This grow tent is made only from natural materials without using any chemical products. This means that it cannot make any harm to you or plants inside of it.

“Corner connections of 2×4 grow tent” are made of high-quality aluminum and plastic. Such corner is very durable and can withstand very big load on it with ease.

You can assemble construction of this tent very quickly almost anywhere. It is both convenient to assemble this product inside your house of somewhere in a field away from your dwelling.

One more advantage of this grow tent is that it has special ventilation windows in it. You can regulate the ventilation of this tent very easily and precisely. So you can be calm about all your plants in it.

In the tent of this size, you can place a few dozens of small plants like marijuana, or a few large plants. Also, you can make a combination of different by size and purposes plants.

So this Gorilla 2×4 grow tent is a great choice for anyone, it is better than similar products from competitor companies. Gorilla is very experienced in creating such products as this one and currently it is the leader on the market.

This grow tent is recommended to all who need indoor or outdoor tent for growing weed and herbs.

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2′ x 2’/ 2.5′ Gorilla Grow Tent – 6% Off, Act Now Today!


price: $245.99

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Gorilla 2×2 grow tents are the best grow tents available in the market. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it’s ideal for you. If you are looking for high quality grow tent, but on a tight budget 2 x 2/2.5 Grow Tent is the perfect option.

Features of Gorilla 2×2 Grow Tent

Strength – Gorilla 2×2 grow tents are the strongest tents available on the market. They are much stronger than any grow tent in the market. Moreover, they have 100% metal poles that ensure tent is secured locked in place. In this case, your 2×2 grow tent will not be easily brought down.

Thickness– 2×2 Gorilla grow tents are the thickest when compared to other brands of grow tents in the market. They are made from 1680D fabric that is 3-9 times denser than any grow tent on the market. In fact, this tent can support up to 300 pounds of weight. Unlike other tents that are made from inferior 600D fabric, 2×2 grow tents are more durable and light proof.

Adjustable height – Unlike other grow tents on the market, the 2×2 gorilla tent’s height can be easily adjusted. In this case, it can allow your plants to grow up to 50 percent larger. You can increase the height up to 9’. With 2×2 grow tents, you will never worry about the plants outgrowing your grow room. Also, your grow room will become maneuverable without having to worry about crouching in your grow room. Also, there will no low hanging lights on your 2×2 grow tent.

Safety– The 2×2 gorilla tent provides the safest growing environment for your plants. This tent has an infrared blocking roof that keeps the surface temperatures cool. Also, the “2×2 grow tent is tightly sealed” to keep odor and noise away from the grow room.

Quality– The 2×2 gorilla tents has the superior quality as compared to other grow tents on the market. They are made from high-quality materials that meet the stringent standards. The tent is made from a reflective fabric that you will not find in other grow tents.

Warranty– Unlike most grow tents, the 2×2 gorilla tents have the extended warranty of up to 3 years. In the case of any problem, you will get a replacement of the tent within this warranty period.

If you want to increase your yields, look no further than Gorilla grow tents. They are made from high-quality materials and top-notch technology. The Gorilla 2×2 grow tent will provide you with everything you need for indoor growing.

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Sunlight Supply Blazer 6″ AC Reflector


A great hydroponics package must have all the necessary devices for better crop health and for the grower’s user-friendly and enjoyable experience. A highly functional sun reflectors is therefore one of the most essential parts of an optimally useful indoor gardening kit. With regard to this worthy in-house growing user tip, Sunlight Supply Blazer 6″ AC reflector is one of the best choices in the current hydroponics market.

Instead of engaging in 50-50 gamble using other largely unreliable products in the crowded hydroponics industry, it’s safer to invest in this inimitably efficient reflector brand. For further technical details and features, continue reading to learn the 4 top reasons you should try this incredibly helpful in-home farming device.

1. Fits the Whole Growing Space

Unlike other inferior reflectors out there, the top-tier Sunlight Supply Blazer 6″ AC reflector is internationally popular among growers of all levels due to the fact that it fills the entire grow room. Since it doesn’t rely on the traditional cast lumens that illuminate some sections while leaving others rather dark, this incomparably suitable alternative radiates even the smallest corners.

2. Features Tempered Glass

Durability is a top consideration when purchasing any indoor gardening paraphernalia. The same truly applies when shopping for the right sunlight reflector. Among the indisputably appealing reasons why almost every farmer goes for the Sunlight Supply Blazer 6″ AC reflector is because it contains tempered glass – a sturdy hard-wearing improvisation.

3. Includes Air Cooling Flanges

Very few hydroponics kit reflectors feature an option for keeping the ducting in their proper place. To minimize time-wasting handling glitches and unnecessary maintenance costs as a result as misplaced ducting conduits, this brand comes with strapping air flanges for holding everything in its right position.

4. User Ease and Maximum Output

Sunlight Supply Blazer 6″ AC reflectors rely on a state-of-the-art superior design for a convenient user experience and technical uniformity. Since these vastly grower-oriented reflectors can last and achieve a great deal more than the average alternatives in the market, they proudly remain every keen indoor grower’s all-time favorite.

Super Flow Hydroponic System


An indoor gardening kit is as effective as its hydroponic flow system. This is why you should get a growing enclosure that includes a great flow system. The super flow hydroponic flow system is an extraordinarily imposing selection for gardeners looking for a highly efficient system. Unlike the previous versions, the super flow system has a host of advantages. The following are just a few of the distinguished aspects that make this flow system unprecedentedly advantageous.

1. Non-Clogging

For individuals who don’t have much hydroponics knowledge, it is imperative to know that the super flow hydroponics flow system is the very first non-clogging aeroponic mechanisms in the industry. Given the fact that the system is expertly fashioned to resist clogging, efficiency rates are optimally unbeatable and there’s no major need for frequent repairs or even the ubiquitous routine maintenance checkups.

2. Large

Again, this awesome system is remarkably larger than the average rival products in the market. This hydroponics flow system is especially useful for gardeners who have bigger grow enclosures as it is suitably tailored to cover larger growing spaces. That’s why its trays can be conveniently tinkered with to fit within different grow space measurements. Truly, this is the only system that can help growers rely on 100% organic nutrients for nurturing their crops the way nature itself intended.

3. Superior Components

Moreover, the apparently simple flow system has numerous features put together for a more rewarding growing experience. For instance, this impressive system includes a number of conveniently adjustable trays. These trays are engineered in an apt such that they can be severally re-configured to suit virtually any size of grow space out there. Additionally, these trays are uniquely molded out of top-grade plastic which cannot be easily damaged. As such, this flow system is in fact the most enduring types that can be used over several months without any major need for replacement.

TechnaFlora Nutrient Bundle


Without a constant supply of the appropriate nutrients, your crops will not grow as fast as you anticipate. What’s more – your plants won’t give you the overwhelming yields you want if you don’t give them what they require for optimal flourishing and fruition. This is why most hydroponics kits come with a TechnaFlora Nutrient Bundle for continually providing plants with all the fundamental elements for survival and unhindered growth. Below are some top reasons why your hydroponics kit should have a well-designed and effective TechnaFlora Nutrient Bundle.

1. Wide Variety of Nutrients

A typical nutrient bundle contains a number of exceptionally crucial nutrients and essential additives. For instance, the average TechnaFlora nutrient kit features well over 10 nutrient varieties and other supplementary additives. Since a given package will thoroughly nourish your garden, you really have no need to look for additional fertilizers to boost up the soil’s nutrient content. Another impressive advantage is that one device can be used for several weeks (even months for relatively smaller gardens) without any need for replacement.

2. Suitably Tailored for Different Soil Types

Similarly, TechnaFlora Nutrient Bundle manufacturers have meticulous engineered varieties for different soil types out there. This facility is a particularly useful kit that will work for your herbs regardless of their delicate survival and blooming demands. As such, you only need to carry out an in-depth survey to ascertain your soil attributes and simply purchase a bundle that is compatible with your unique specifications.

3. Helpful User Tips

The fact that all notable manufacturers of these all-too-important gardening devices. As such, you’ll be able to understand how to use the TechnaFlora Nutrient Bundle according to the nature of your grow room’s soil specifications. Therefore, such gadgets can be productively used by both accomplished long-term farmers and clueless beginners with remarkable success. The painstakingly assembled package is exactly what you need to manage your hydroponics project like a real professional.

SunBlaze T5 44 grow Light Systems


Every results-oriented cloning setup ought to have proper grow light fixtures. This is because it’s impossible to optimally nurture tender shoots without a broad-spectrum lighting source. Therefore, it’s mandatory to acquire expertly engineered radiance equipment for your germinating enclosure. This is why you should consider getting a hydroponics germinating kit that contains dual SunBlaze T5 44 grow light fixtures.

These hydroponics lights are widely regarded by millions of in-home gardeners throughout the world. Discussed in the rest of this short article are a few convincing reasons to go for this splendid lighting option. Continue reading to discover the top 3 advantages of cloning under dual SunBlaze T5 44 grow light fixtures.

1. High-Powered Bulbs

Unlike other grow lights out there, these systems emit well over 40,000 lumens. This impressive illumination is exceedingly great for nurturing both tender plants together with their mothers. Particularly, the 4-foot 4-bulb cool spectrum is ideal for cloning and nourishing nearly every ordinary crop variety.

2. Multiple Light Fixtures on a Single Outlet

By choosing these fantastic lighting systems, you get the opportunity to install as many radiance gadgets as your enclosed garden needs. What’s more, all these fixtures can be conveniently run on a single 120V outlet. As a result, this awesome facility enables you to advantageously light the whole cloning space for better results and even markedly future survival chances on the final grow environment after transplanting.

3. Proper Insulation

Unlike other lighting options in the confusingly crowded hydroponics accessories market, SunBlaze grow light systems are singularly beneficial since they do not emit a lot of heat. Given the fact that these appliances are properly louvered to avoid excess heat generation, you don’t have to incur the additional expense of installing internal cooling paraphernalia.

4. Ease of Use and Increased Durability

Similarly, these cloning enclosure illumination alternatives are remarkably easy to use for even the most clueless starters. With a sturdy steel casing and other hardwearing features, the lighters are outstandingly long-lasting. Due to their unbeatable long life, growers don’t have to worry about high routine maintenance costs.

K3-L600 Kind LED Grow Light


Choosing the right hydroponics lighting options is an important step for every results-guided in-home grower. The survival rates our crops and the overall volume of your harvest essentially depend on the effectiveness of the grow room light you go for. Therefore, it is extremely important to shop for a highly efficacious illumination system that will optimally keep your plants constantly well-nourished within certain radiance spectrums.

Kind LED K3 – L600 LED indoor grow light is undeniably one of the best hydroponics lighting products out there. It is simply a clear cut above the other grow room lighting brands out there. Read on to discover the top 3 awesome benefits and the superior working mechanisms of this unrivalled grow room lighting device.

1. Lower Power Consumption

Unlike other conventional hydroponics lighting choices in the market, using LED K3 – L600 LED indoor grow light will see you reduce your overall energy consumption by a whopping 50%. However, this does not mean that this illumination system is inferior in any way. In fact, it is the best lighting alternative for both large and small indoor gardening enclosures.

2. Broader Spectrum Coverage 

Comprising high powered 3 Watt light emitting diodes, this hydroponics radiance device is meticulously engineered to cater for the needs of different plant species. Additionally, the light’s innate mechanism suits varying growth stages for all the key developmental stages of common plant species. Its world-shattering series of LED grow lights is specifically tailored to ensure greater yields and hassle-free.

3. Durable & User-friendly

Although this lighting apparatus consists of many excellent components such as 10 modules with 15 diodes each, it is still one of the most reliable products in its category. What’s more, this lamp is among the most long-lasting brands in the current market. Again, the entire lighting mechanism is aptly fashioned in a fully automated manner such that it doesn’t require any particular past expertise to use it in your at-home growing enclosure.

Trellis System


Wondering how to boost your indoor farming yields easily? If this is your big question as a beginner in hydroponic gardening, then you ought to understanding the role of a trellis system in your grow enclosure. A trellis system is a vital hydroponics setup component that plays some critically essential functions in a grow enclosure package. The following are just a few reasons to have this crucial system in your indoor gardening apparatus.

1. Boosts Yields by Up to 30%  

It should be really thrilling to know that a trellis system increases your overall up to a whopping 30%. As such, you need to get a hydroponics kit that contains this greatly vital option so as to get the most out of your small-size garden. Remember that letting your crops develop unnatural posture and shapes will grossly undermine their productivity in the long term.

2. Convenient Support, Training and Partitioning

For your plants to grow faster and bear the desired yields, they need to be propped such that they can grow according to their natural outlook. Since hydroponic kits try to imitate the natural environments these crops were created to thrive in, it may not be very easy to attain the desired growth atmosphere. As a result, indoor gardening species require a great deal more support, training and partitioning than those growing naturally in the untamed wild. This is precisely why it is virtually impossible to successfully nurture crops and register impressive yields without the three trellis system functions highlighted above.

3. Several Options Available

Due to the fact that various crop types require varying trellis system specifications, the availability of numerous alternatives in the hydroponics industry makes these utilities pretty convenient. As such, one can easily sort out the confusing choices in the market until they find a perfectly effective trellis design whose installation parameters are conveniently compatible with their hydroponics kits and specific plant necessities.