Hydroponics Bubble Flow Bucket System


The bubble flow bucket mechanism is an outstandingly convenient hydroponics option that is indisputably among the hydroponics features that make a difference between high and low yields. This award-winning facility is widely regarded as one of the very best components that make unbeatably efficient and user-friendly indoor gardening paraphernalia in the industry.

If you are new in this field, you basically need to acquaint yourself with the striking benefits of this singularly splendid in-home farming enclosure component. Keep reading to understand the awesome merits of the bubble flow enclosed gardening system.

1. The Biggest Bucket System

You really would want to rear your preferred crops using the biggest flow bucket system out there. Therefore, farmers who would want to nurture numerous plant stems should find this option quite appealing. By the same token, it is particularly amazing for those growing mixed species within the same enclosure.

2. Higher Yields

Every result-oriented indoor gardener should definitely go for this superior bucket flow mechanism as it is ubiquitously recognized for improved yields. First, the unusually big bubble flow buckets allow the unhindered spreading of vital nutrients evenly throughout the base to reach every single stem within the grow space. In a similar vein, water distribution is optimized and all the plants get their fair share of nourishing constantly. Consequently, this flow system achieves greater yields than the traditional growing system that may not create a level ground for equal moisture and nutrients absorption.

3. Even Distribution of Nutrients and Moisture

Given that the bucket flow system is large enough to cover numerous stems, there is obviously the dire need to ensure that nutrients and moisture are evenly distributed across all the individual stems. Due to their larger capacity, the buckets create a level ground for water and nutrients to spread throughout the base in a balanced way. As a result, this system is specifically associated with faster growth and generally improved blooming and fruition.

Features of 400w HPS SuperCool Lighting System


For you to successfully grow various plant varieties under artificial grow room conditions, it is obligatory to use proper lighting sources. This is essentially due to the fact that different crop species have unique electromagnetic radiance spectrums within which they can survive. As such, the 400 HPS SuperCool lighting system is the ideal choice for gardeners looking for the best illumination devices for their grow space. Keep reading to learn the striking advantages of this unbeatable hydroponics lighting option.

1. Broadened Electromagnetic Spectrum 

First, this awesomely fashioned grow room lighting alternative includes all the fundamental electromagnetic radiance specifications for nurturing a wide range of common garden plants. As a result, you can use the grow room lighting source for rearing mixed crop varieties within the same tent. In fact, this incomparable illumination apparatus is recommended for growers who may want to practice seasonal crop rotation.

2. Efficiently Digitalized 

Again, this lighting product features a number of fully automated operational features that make it impressively easy to handle. For instance, this super efficient lighter is dimmable and has some digitally programmed cooling functionalities for easy temperature regulation. Therefore, the superior appliance is creatively crafted to be used by both seasoned hydroponics professionals and individuals dabbling in in-home farming as a favorite pastime.

3. Maximum Light Penetration and Temperature Regulation

Another strikingly splendid reason to go for this type of grow room lighting is because it is expertly configured to allow for hassle-free functioning. Since nearly everything in this exemplary device is carefully engineered for better and time-saving handling, it is easy to achieve peak efficiency notches within remarkably short time duration. Dimmable and conveniently adjustable, the package enables one to effectively control the amount and type of light illuminating the whole growing area. Given that light and heat are inseparably intertwined, it is also easy to regulate the temperature readings within the enclosure.

3 Benefits of 185 Gallon Per Hour Water Pump


Reliable at-home farming equipment should include all the requisite elements for unhindered germination, growth, and fruiting. A great water pump is a basic necessity that every fully operational hydroponics kit should have. Although the ideal pump specifications should be dictated by the size of your grow room as well as the unique growth of your crops, the brand of the pumping appliance you go for influences your overall yields season to season.

As such, the 185 Gallon per Hour water pump is the best apparatus for harvest-oriented gardeners who would want to reap the most out of their hydroponics venture. Discussed in the rest of this article are a few advantages of using this suitably designed indoor gardening watering appliance.

1. Optimal Flow Rate 

As the title of the product straight away depicts, the 185 Gallon per Hour water pump provides your crops with 185 gallons of water every hour. Your soil type and your shoots’ growth conditions taken into full consideration, this spending irrigation tool will continually and evenly water the entire growing space within a recording timing. In fact, it is the ideal pick for in-home growers who run generally larger grow rooms.

2. Highly Reliable and Relatively Noise-Free 

With this outstanding option, no one should continue looking for a great watering appliance. The pump comes with a skillfully designated and plug-in timer that you may use to conveniently manage your plants’ watering needs any time without your physical presence. In a similar vein, the package is among the most noise-free varieties in the industry.

3. Remarkably Automated 

By plugging your appliance in the timer, you will have an automatic robotic gardener watering your grow room even when miles away from home. With your plants enjoying a whopping 185 gallons ever sixty minutes and without any need of your presence, you really are going to enjoy the entire gardening experience even if you are a time-crunched professional.

Why Your Hydroponics System Requires a Hygrometer


For a truly rewarding indoor farming venture, you need to ensure that you nurture your crops within the right environment in which they can flourish unhindered. Indoor growers who keep their plants under the recommended conditions end up reaping surprisingly a lot while their uninformed counterparts are generally left counting their losses.

However, you cannot succeed in at-home gardening without using top quality hydroponics kits that include all the vital components. For instance, a grow room that lacks a fully functional hygrometer cannot give you the desired harvest. Continue reading to discover the top 4 reasons your in-home grow enclosure should have an optimally effective hygrometer.

1. Monitoring Humidity Levels

First, this extremely critical gadget helps you know both indoor and outdoor humidity levels. Proper understanding of the humidity quantities inside and outside your grow room is indispensably important as it helps you ensure the right atmosphere for your plants’ development and fruition. With a reliable hygrometer, you will be able to successfully handle your grow room in a professional manner and thus register greater yields.

2. Uses Modern Technology

Again, hydroponics hygrometers are highly advantageous since they use modern technology. As such, most of these hi-tech hygrometers rely on analog sensors to detect the amount of moisture in the air and then display it on a digital gauge. This makes such devices quite easy to read and use even for not-so-educated growers. Given the fact that they constantly provide precise readings, these up-to-the-minute appliances dependably offer unprecedentedly accurate readings.

3. Offers Accurate Temperature Readings

Finally, having a hygrometer in your hydroponics setup enables you to keep a constant track record of both internal and external temperatures. Since it’s outright impossible to successfully nurture any garden species without considering their temperature requirements, this function makes hygrometers a vitally important part of an effective indoor gardening enclosure.

Top 4 Benefits of Grow Room Analog Timers


To get the best yields out of your indoor gardening project, you ought to go for a great hydroponics kit that has fully functional and wholly dependable gardening enclosure timers. Without this all-too-important utility, you’re likely to mismanage your plants and consequently reap dismally in the end. While you can choose between digital and analog hydroponics timers, the latter has a number of impressively exceptional advantages. As such, this article explores the awesome benefits of using these easy-to-handle grow room gadgets. Continue reading to discover the top 3 reasons to use analog timers to manage your in-house farm.

1. Controlled Sunset and Sunrise

Depending on the specific growth requirements of your crops, analog timers help you control both sunset and sunrise periods within your hydroponics enclosure. This extremely vital function enables the grower to directly influence seasonal occurrences such as blooming and fruition. With this awesome utility, small-scale farmers can even germinate their crops and go on long vacations without worrying about their little gardening project back home.

2. Highly Programmable

Despite the fact that enclosed gardening space timers operate all the time, they are remarkably easy to program. Due to their user-friendly nature, these devices are a quick and convenient procedure for both experienced and first-time growers who may not have a lot of prior user know-how. While the technical handling details may vary with particular brands, the fact that these timers come with easy-to-comprehend manuals precludes any possible procedural hurdles.

3. Energy Conservation

Since analog timers help switch your lights and pumps on and off, installing one in your hydroponics setup reduces your long-term energy bills. Again, the user-customized gadgets don’t consume any significant (if any) power, this furthers lowers your total consumption.

4. Long-Lasting

According to numerous consumer reviews, analogue timers last long, with minimal disruptions. Therefore, choosing a top-quality timer brand for your garden will see you cut the recurrent expenses since one gadget can serve you for several months without replacement.

Gorilla Grow Tent Review – Pros and Cons

Even though a clueless beginner may pick just any grow tent they come across, every seasoned indoor gardener understands that their overall yields depend on the type of grow enclosure they select.

Since the gradually expanding hydroponics industry is full of different grow tent brands, choosing the most reliable version may prove reasonably challenging. As such, this article highlights the outstanding benefits of the world’s best in-home farming enclosure type – gorilla grow tent.

Continue reading this gorilla grow tent review to discover the top 4 singularly striking advantages this one-of-a-kind grow room that’s widely liked tent type.

1. Professional Design

First, gorilla grow tent is professionally designed for easy and effective use by both perfect beginners and experienced growers worldwide. For instance, a closer look at this product will reveal that its ducting pots are properly positioned where they ought to be.

Similarly, the enclosure is meticulously engineered with remarkably large EZ window views to enable users to take snapshots without compromising the environment. Therefore, this expertly woven tent gives both starters and veteran growers a chance to handle their hydroponics project confidently and successfully.

2. Height Adjustability –Tallest Brand

Again, your growing enclosure material should easy and fully be convenient to adjust to the required heights. This is because different types of plants have different space necessities for holistic growth and optimal fruition.

Even within a given crop species, different height specifications will vary from one stage of development to another. As such, this tent brand is an awesome choice as it allows you to appropriately change the tent height.

This is possible because the fabric has patent-pending adjustable poles that can be extended accordingly.

3. Thicket Material

Moreover, gorilla grow tents are the thickest enclosure material worldwide. With a great density of 1,680D, these superior alternatives are up to three times denser than any similar product out there.

The extra inches of thickness help achieve desired atmospheric conditions for maximal growth and greater harvest.

Everyone would really want to invest in the sturdiest grow tent option in the industry. Therefore, gorilla grow tent is certainly everyone’s number selection given the indisputable fact that it is the strongest tent ever made.

With a conveniently interlocking metallic frame that is many times stronger than the strongest competitor variety, this hydroponics product is a real godsend relief to millions of small-scale gardeners internationally.

In fact, so strong is the tent that it can hold up to 300 lbs.

4. Unrivaled Safety

By the same token, gorilla grow tent is the safest hydroponics enclosure brand out there. With patent-pending infrared blocking roof, this custom-made option maintains healthy temperature levels within the whole interior beneath.

Its dense threading and tight sealing enables it to contain any unsettling noise and odors from within. Due to its superlatively strong fabric, it can also hold large water amounts on its upper surface as it comes with unbeatably sturdy flood pool that holds a lot of rain water.

As a result, the flooded tent can’t cave in and smash up your crops.

Similarly, both noise and air pollution are effectively kept at bay since malodorous gases and noise can’t go beyond the growing space.

Big Buddha Box 9′ x 9′ Vertical Grow Room – Top Benefits


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The Big Buddha Box 9′ x 9′ Vertical Grow Room is appropriately configured to meet the needs of both beginners and seasoned in-home gardeners. The most prominent feature of this incredibly user-friendly kit is the Big Buddha Box Vertical Hydroponic System.

This grow tent technology is universally recognized for improved yields that surpass those of any horizontal growing equipment. Since the Big Buddha Box can accommodate as many as 75 plants, it is exceptionally suitable for gardeners who want to cultivate numerous stems for impressively better results.

Expertly assembled in California, this singularly efficient grow enclosure features a gorilla tent – the strongest brand in the market. In a similar vein, this tent version remains the thickest variety whose height can be severally adjusted to fit the fluctuating needs of particular plant types.

Gorilla tents also feature an aluminium framework that’s fairly immune to rusting and other forms of continual degradation. Its highly reflective interior markedly boosts internal lighting since even directly unlit sections are still well-illuminated through optimal reflectivity.

Another notable component that makes the Big Buddha Box 9′ x 9′ Vertical Grow Room outstandingly great for nurturing plants at home is the dual 600w HPS SuperCool lighting system.

For instance, this superb lighting facility can be dimmed from time to time to ensure that your crops get the right amount of light for particular development stages such as blooming and flowering.

Specifically configured to enable maximum control, this illumination system is again tremendously appropriate for temperature regulation. Remember that the internal conditions should be fully compatible with the fluctuating development conditions for the unhindered survival of different species.

By the same token, don’t forget the fact that this strikingly consumer-oriented apparatus has a phresh carbon filter that fully neutralizes the malodorous gases inside the enclosure.

There’s also a trellis system that helps support and train plants in their tender stages, a digital thermometer for taking both internal and external temperatures and humidity levels, a TDS meter for determining the amount of nutrients and moisture in the soil, and a general hydroponics pH control kit for gauging the levels of alkalinity and acidity in your enclosure.

Finally, you should note that this fittingly structured facility is properly equipped with top quality air conditioning devices that purify the entire growing space.

For instance, the ActiveAir internal circulation fans help move the air around the whole room. Unlike similar products out there, this product’s air purification mechanism is nearly noise-free. It can’t be compared to others whose cooling devices produce disturbing or unsettling sounds, especially after many hours of operation.

Nevertheless, the most stunning fact is that this extremely user-oriented setup goes for $5,395.00 only!

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Buddha Box 5′ x 5′ Vertical Grow Room – Key Advantages & Features


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If you’re looking for a turnkey vertical hydroponics system that will give you the unparalleled yields you crave, the Buddha Box 5′ x 5′ Vertical Grow Room is therefore an exciting consideration.

Superbly created the Box Vertical Hydroponic System that promises far better yields than any horizontal variety in the market, the VerticalPonic growing technology it utilizes makes it one of the most impressive indoor gardening equipment in the current market.

Nut-shelled, it is simply the top choice for both starters and veteran in-home gardeners alike.

There are some practical reasons the Buddha Box 5′ x 5′ Vertical Grow Room is the right apparatus for millions of leading gardening lovers worldwide. Just like many other hydroponics packages by the same manufacturer, this unrivalled gardening facility features a height-adjustable gorilla grow tent – so far the biggest version in the global market.

Besides being awesomely large and enlargeable, gorilla grow tent is again the strongest and the thickest hydroponics enclosure material in the industry.

Remember that the one-of-a-kind package also contains a dual 400w HPS SuperCool Lumatek lighting system – a full spectrum option that is wholly digitalized and dimmable. This unmistakably helpful lighting system is expertly engineered for controlled light penetration and peak efficiency.

Unlike other products that get unfavorably hot after some use, this system is fitted with a hurricane that efficiently cools the internal area.

As such, the effective cooling system regulates internal temperatures to keep them within safe brackets for the health of various crop species.

In terms of grow room lighting reliability and efficacy, this mechanism is outright unequaled as it gives you the much-needed peace of mind as you continue nurturing your plants.

Strikingly, the Lumatek ballasts in this lighting option make it possible to easily operate your lights with unfettered convenience – depending on the changing growth conditions of your specific crops.

Besides the matchless features above, the kit further has a Phresh carbon filter that is exclusively suitable for bigger grow rooms with many plants. With a carbon filling that neutralizes the air inside the enclosure, this excellent component makes it possible for a wide range of plant types to thrive in the best way nature intended.

Throw in a trellis system for supporting and training crops, and you right away conclude that this is a godsend apparatus for you!

There is also a digital thermometer, a general hydroponics pH control kit, Eco Air 5 commercial air pumps, a little giant water pump, and a TDS meter for monitoring the availability of nutrients and moisture in the soil.

Despite its superior operability and several top-cadre components, this unsurpassed setup goes for a mere $4,495.00!

5′ x 5′ Super Clone Grow Room – Features and Benefits


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For both experienced and inexpert cloners looking for the most convenient cloning enclosures out there, the 5′ x 5′ Super Clone Grow Room would be an excellent choice.

One of the top reasons why this marvelous nurturing kit is great for indoor farming is the fact that it contains the two leading cloners in the world – SuperCloset’s SuperCloner 50. Again, the facility utilizes deep water germination culture and adequate cloning space to house 100 planting locations.

This makes it large enough for veteran or ambitious cloners who may want to develop many shoots under the same shelter.

By the same token, the apparatus features the largest and the sturdiest grow tent variety in the present market. Besides being more durable and bigger than other brands, this version is also fully illuminated by two 4-foot 4-bulb Sun Blaze Cool Spectrum fixtures.

These heavy duty lighting devices ensure that the entire grow space is adequately lit throughout the cloning period. Additionally, the effective lighting sources provide appropriate radiance spectrums for germinating varying crop species.

Do you still feel that this isn’t the superior germination setup you would like to use for your in-home gardening venture? If this is your honest opinion, then you may not have considered the dual SuperCloner 50-Site hydroponic systems with humidity super domes.

These custom-built hydroponic systems supply your shoots with all the vital necessities at different stages of development. In fact, this germination mechanism is universally praised for germinating lusciously healthy trees.

On top of the top-notch functions and components described above, the outstanding cloning package is also ubiquitously famed for its six five-gallon soil buckets. These enlarged containers enable growers to germinate many shoots simultaneously.

Moreover, the equipment additionally features dual cloning racks for developing perfectly healthy crops that will do well on their second growth environment after transplanting. In a similar vein, the cloning racks are quite helpful as they counter early plant stretching.

Further, the 5′ x 5′ Super Clone Grow Room has a Phresh carbon filter that have lately won universal recognition as the most appropriate filters for big germinating enclosures. With exclusive carbon charcoal sifting mechanism, this filter eliminates any obnoxious gaseous odors. It is the only product known to create strictly neutral/balanced internal air.

If you still doubt whether this is right package in the market, then you should note that it again includes top-quality air conditioning fans for regulating internal temperatures, a hygrometer for gauging temperatures and humidity levels, an Eco Series air pump, a TDS meter, a six-socket industrial power strip, and rock wool cubes made of spun granite and wicks for proper root development for improved survival and future adaptability.

Worry about the price? It’s not as high as you may have already mistakenly guessed – only $1399.00!

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2′ x 4′ Super Clone Grow Room – Features and Key Advantages


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If you are shopping for a user-friendly pre-transplanting cloning enclosure that’s both reliable and affordable, you should consider choosing the 2′ x 4′ Super Clone Grow Room. This top-of-the-range option features the most effective cloner in the world – SuperCloset’s SuperCloner 50.

The one-of-a-kind facility is evidently a clear cut above most other similar products out there.

By the same token, the immensely dependable nurturing enclosure utilizes an extraordinary cloning mechanism that has 50 plant locations – making it particularly ideal for cloners of huge-stem crops on an indoor small-scale setting.

It is again perfect for gardeners who would want to cultivate delicate or demanding plant types that may require specific flourishing conditions for specific maturity/seasonal phases such as blooming, flowering, and fruiting.

One of the excellent components included in this superior indoor gardening kit is the Gorilla tent, which also happens to be the strongest and the most durable enclosure variety in the market. This is also one of very few brands with a height that can be conveniently re-adjusted to meet many different crop needs at varying stages of growth.

With a tent that has variable height measurements, you can optimize any limited space for better yields within a surprisingly short time.

Additionally, the 2′ x 4′ Super Clone Grow Room features the SuperCloner 50-Site hydroponic system with humidity super domes. Using this kind of humidity domes ensures that plants access the essential conditions for optimal health.

Moreover, the Deep Water Culture hydroponic method makes it possible for luscious white root development. This outstanding facility therefore enables you to sow, clone, and rear as many as 50 crops before transplanting them at a perfect stage into the preferred growing area.

In the same vein, the awesome kit has two 5-gallon soil buckets to enable you to clone singularly healthy plants that will outsmart possible adversities and yield a bumper harvest. The kit will deliver impeccably unsurpassed results such that you’ll want to clone again and again.

Simply put – the 2′ x 4′ Super Clone Grow Room guarantees you the beyond-average output that any avid small-scale gardener would wish to enjoy.

Similarly, the crop nurturing package features a highly conducive cloning rack with a metallic shelving rack for preventing early stretching, SunBlaze T5 44 grow light fixture that lets out an estimated 20,000 lumens, a Phresh carbon filter, air circulation, a digital thermometer, a general hydroponics pH control kit, an Eco Series air pump, a TDS meter for monitoring nutrient availability, an analog timer, rock wool cubes for a healthy growth, foundation, among other greatly convenient and user-oriented features and functionalities.

Surprisingly, this breathtakingly versatile assortment of efficacy and top-cadre crop nurturing devices is perhaps the cheapest choice in the whole hydroponics industry – $999.00!

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