SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ LED Soil Grow Room – Savvy Grower’s Choice


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The SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ LED Grow Room is a highly user-centered hydroponics kit that includes a couple of fabulous features for efficiency and accelerated crop growth.

Unlike other complicated setups that require a bit of manual interventions, this effectively automated apparatus helps even the most inexperienced growers handle their indoor gardens like real professionals.

Besides being already assembled for hassle-free first-time use, the kit is technically engineered to accommodate increased number of crops and facilitate a bumper harvest.

Assembled in California, you have every good reason to trust the usefulness, functionality, and the durability of this hydroponics grow room setup. 

Again, there’s absolutely no need to fret over the basics given the fact the grow tent comes with a user manual.

On top of an easy-to-follow guide on how to use the gadget, there’s a DVD that contains many practical growing tips to help you get the most from your small-size garden.

Even if you get something wrong and unintentionally damage your kit you should not worry since it comes with a three-year warranty.

As such, you’ll be fully cushioned against any malfunctions that are not as a result of user carelessness.

Note that very few hydroponics systems have such extended loss guarantees. Therefore, the SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ LED Grow Room is one-of-a-kind indoor paraphernalia that supersedes other brands in the industry.

Other outstanding inclusions in this grow tent option comprise a gorilla grow tent 5′ x 5′ x 6’11″ (7’11″ w/ extension) – the sturdiest and the biggest alternative worldwide.

On top of this, you’ve the award-winning bubble flow buckets meticulously installed to provide enough water and nutrients for all the crops. The 20-site super flow system is a superior non-clogging option that towers above the other alternatives in the market. It features snap can lids that allow for convenient cleaning and easy draining.

The SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ LED Grow Room’s Phresh carbon filter, which is the best sift brand in the industry, eliminates undesirable odors as it features carbon filling that neutralizes the air.

Moreover, there are hurricane inline fans, ActiveAir internal circulation fans that prevent any disruptive noises and mechanical failures.

Carbon filters are also great for general safety of the outer environment, besides being perfectly healthy for nearly all plant types.

This grow enclosure system is a strict departure from other packages that have poorly placed air regulation devices that neither last long nor perform their designated purposes. However, the apparatus does not attract a hefty price despite its many marvelous components. The superior gardening system’s price is just $2,495 – real value for each of your hard-earned pennies.

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SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ LED Grow Room – Advantages and Components


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If you have been looking for a great grow tent without success, then your troubles have come to a fortunate end. The SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ LED Grow Room is the right package for growers looking for optimal efficiency and bounteous yields.

Without doubt, this is the exact grow room package you have unsuccessfully sought all the time.

You wonder why this uniquely fashioned apparatus is the very system you want? Read on to discover the incomparable benefits of this exclusive grower-oriented assortment of exceptional user-friendliness, unparalleled efficiency, and affordable maintenance.

To begin with, The SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ LED Grow Room includes the largest grow tent in the market – Gorilla Grow Tent 5′ x 5′ x 6’11″ (7’11″ w/ extension). The extra space allows you to plant as many crops as you want without worrying about unhealthy spacing. The expansive tent is also unprecedentedly sturdy and wearing – no doubt one of the strongest brands worldwide.

Additionally, the fantastic tent has 6-site bubble flow buckets create a hyper-oxygenated growth environment that offers greater yields and fewer chances of common infections.

The buckets are also recommended for their consistent Ph and TDS readings which are extremely critical for proper nutrient and moisture distribution. For faster growth, blooming, flowering, and fruiting, you need a kit that distributes nutrients and moisture evenly throughout the base.

Ever heard of the Super Flow Hydroponic Grow System? For the inexperienced, this is the first ever non-blocking aeroponic enclosed gardening method. The SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ LED Grow Room proudly includes this widely tested technology to give all growers an opportunity to enjoy an absolutely hassle-free indoor farming experience.

Aeroponic systems are ubiquitously recognized for their unmatched growth rates and configurable trays. They are specially designed to accommodate 100% organic nutrients. Note that all your crops need such wholly natural nourishment for increased yields and reduced cases of plant infections.

Again, the extraordinary package includes A K5-XL750 kind LED grow lighting systems that keep the grow enclosure always illuminated within different electromagnetic spectrums to meet the varying needs of particular species.

Other added components include a Phresh carbon filter for larger grow enclosures, inbuilt fans to maintain a healthy internal environment, a trellis system, a hygrometer for reading both temperatures and humidity levels, and Eco Series air pump for reliable and noise-free operation.

Despite its added growing space and a host of unique features that boost user experience and enhance crop growth the SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ LED Grow Room goes for a discounted $2,495. It indeed takes a great deal of good luck to find such an incredibly resourceful kit selling so cheap. Doesn’t it?

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SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ HPS Soil Grow Room – Hassle-Free In-Home gardening


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Indoor Gardening is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a demanding venture that requires spirited determination coupled with proper use of top-of-the-range growing systems. The SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ HPS Soil Grow Room was designed with all this in mind.

The California-made all-in-one fully setup kit is meant to demystify indoor farming from being a technical venture to a simple and enjoyable activity even for time-crunched growers.

Don’t be anxious if you don’t have any prior hydroponics knowledge – this superior package comes with a simply worded user guide that highlights all the vital growing tips to start you off.

On top of this, the first-class package is meticulously engineered in a ready-for-use style such that very setup know-how is needed to use it. You’ll just position it virtually anywhere within your compound and start the process of nurturing your desired crops right away!

The SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ HPS Soil Grow Room comes with a 400w HPS SuperCool lighting system that is rather rare in other similar products.

Widely appreciated for it matchless effectiveness, this digitalized dimmable device is knowledgeably crafted to guarantee peak efficiency, temperature adjustment, and unhindered, yet closely monitored light penetration. It is an extensively tested hydroponics illumination system, and indisputably one of the best alternatives out there.

Unlike other indoor gardening gadgets whose reliability remains shrouded in mystery, this model will give you bumper yields and a lot of peace of mind throughout the whole waiting period. Why invest your hard-earned money in any other 50-50 gamble affair while you could get this top-cadre kit and undoubtedly boost your harvest?

In a nutshell, this awesome indoor gardening package is a superb collection of top tier devices. Prominent among these unrivaled functionalities is the top-tier sunlight supply Blazer 6″ AC Reflector.

Unlike other commonplace reflectors, this comprises tempered glass, neoprene gasket, a powder-coated and galvanized steel housing, and faultless air cooling flanges to unfailingly keep all the ducts in place.

Other superior quality components in this uniquely efficient set include ActiveAir internal circulation fans, hurricane inline fan, a trellis system, a digital thermometer for external and internal temperature and humidity readings, a TDS meter for measuring water and nutrients, analog timing devices, and a top quality GFCI shock buster to prevent any accidental electrical malfunctions. Shock busters are particularly necessary since no amount of care can avert these anticipated electrical slip-ups.

And what’s more – all these exquisite features and automated functions don’t make this in-home gardening setup exclusively expensive. Waiting for the shocking good news? The SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ HPS Soil Grow Room goes for a paltry $1,245!

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SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ HPS Grow Room – for Beginners & Established Growers


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Auspiciously designed for results-oriented in-home gardeners, the 2′ x 4′ HPS Grow Room is a great package with many excellent features. The top quality enclosure is amazingly engineered to cater for multiple plant needs as many of its functions are remarkably adjustable.

Moreover, the equipment is suitably mechanized such that it can be optimally utilized by long-time farmers and starters alike. It is your long-awaited indoor farming companion – use it to realize your individual gardening dreams.

You’ll be surprised to discover just how many wonderful features the 2′ x 4′ HPS Grow Room boasts. Besides a spacious Gorilla grow tent, it also contains SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic grow system that boosts your harvest. Another plus is the 400w HPS SuperCool lighting system that’s specially configured for maximum control, peak efficiency, convenient light penetration, and temperature regulation.

If you’re not yet impressed by the host of the superior components highlighted above, think of a grow enclosure that comes with an aptly designed reflector that covers the entire growing area.

The Sunlight Supply Blazer 6″ AC reflector is just another among the numerous high-efficiency devices in this one-of-a-kind in-home farming paraphernalia.

You can’t resist a grow room facility contains a phresh carbon filter that eliminates any unwanted odors. The kit’s filter is skillfully embedded with carbon filling to guarantee a completely balanced air environment inside the growing space. Painstaking air filtering and regulation is greatly recommended as it promotes natural growth, blooming, and fruition.

The 2′ x 4′ HPS Grow Room further includes ActiveAir internal circulation fans that provide constant ventilation for proper air circulation and elimination of molds.

Since most other apparatuses have particularly noisy air conditioning systems that produce a lot of noise without fully performing their central purpose, this unique grow room model is a fine alternative that proudly towers above the rest.

This auspicious feature is topped up with an in-built inline fan, a trellis system that maximizes quality, a digital thermometer for checking both humidity and temperatures, and TDS meter for monitoring nutrients and soil moisture levels.

Your grow tent kit comes with a user guide that includes failsafe growing ideas and easy-to-follow positioning and maintenance tips on an instructional DVD.

There’s absolutely no reason to worry if you’re a beginner in hydroponics. You will no doubt harvest even more than established farmers who’ve done it for decades if you religiously adhere to the manufacturer guidelines therein. And are you already wondering how much all this bundle of good news goes for? For just $1,395, you’ll take home this godsend indoor farming kit, complete with its inimitably outstanding components and all.

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SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Soil Grow Room – Features and Advantages


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SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Soil Grow Room is the ultimate grow tent for lovers of indoor gardening. The all-in-one kit is professionally assembled and ready for in-home use.

Given the fact that the equipment is already put together, even first-time growers have the opportunity to embark on their gardening project right away – without any need for intensive training.

You simply have to go through the short step-by-step tutorials before getting down to the main venture like a real professional.

Whether you dabble in hydroponics as a hobby or a commercial horticulturalist, the SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Soil Grow Room is just the right apparatus to choose for a thrilling and fruitful gardening endeavor.

Owing to the delicate nature of many hydroponics enclosures, these systems hardly come with extended warranties. However, the SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Soil Grow Room is a strict departure from this user-unfriendly trend often embarked by manufacturers to the detriment of naïve growers who may damage the kits out of sheer lack of experience.

This exquisite grow room system is sold under a 3-year warranty! And, on top of this unbeatably favorable offer, purchasers get a ready-for-use apparatus that features a Gorilla Grow Tent 2′ x 4′ x 6’11″ (7’11″ w/ extension).

If you do some deeper research, you’ll discover that this is the only grow tent that comes with an adjustable height!

Additionally, the full-kit package contains six 5-gallon soil pots for your use. If you have been wondering about how to begin an in-home gardening project because you can’t access enough soil of the required quality, then don’t give up on your dream.

SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Soil Grow Room is simply the answer! Besides having top quality soil fit for nearly all known garden plants, the pots have incredibly sturdy rims that enable them to handle even the heaviest of crop species.

Worrying about draining age? Fret no more! The expediently designed pots have both side and bottom drainage. As well, the soil containers have flat and wide bases for stability and unconstrained development of trees that have naturally robust roots.

The marvelous list of this in-home gardening system is simply endless. Talk of A K3-L600 Kind LED grow lighting, ActiveAir internal circulation fans, an in-built hurricane fan, a highly efficient Trellis system for plant propping and training, a digital thermometer for monitoring internal and external temperatures(and humidity), a hi-tech bond moisture meter, among many other extraordinary components.

And you thought all this collection of efficiency and usability would cost you an entire fortune? Far from it – the SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Soil Grow Room goes for a mere $1,545.00! Now, who shouldn’t own this fabulous domestic farming kit?

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Setting Up And Taking Care Of Your Grow Tents


If you have been looking for a perfect way to own herbs, then opting for grow tents is viable. Not everyone can own a secret plot of marijuana. But if you are a puff-puff-pass person then having your own place to pick from anytime you want is a pleasant idea. Grow tents have thus grown in favor for their secrecy and accessibility. If you’re planning on having your own grow tent, then knowing how to go about it is very important. You can’t just place them in that sunlit room as that will kill secrecy that which is one of the essential selling points. However, it still has to be a place with vegetative factors for them do well.

The grow tent area blue print

You will need to know how it should look like, what things will be required and the overall ease of harvesting. This can only be possible if you come up with some kind of a blue print or equipment list for guidance. It is not a must that the sketch be all expertly done or fancy. Just have it help visualize what you are trying to come up with labeling the different sections needed. Additionally, it will be vital to consider the amount of electricity needed. Your home breaker is standardly set at 15 amps thus exceeding this will cause problems for the whole home. Try to ensure that your overall home use doesn’t exceed to avoid frequent surges.

In case you want more electricity to cater for grow tent, then buying an extra 100 amp sub panel for the setup is advisable. Setting this up will slightly increase electricity consumption. So, try to ensure that no non-essential appliances are attached to it. Furthermore, it will also be important to consider where the run-off water will go. There has to be a system to regulate the water usage. A sink in the same room will be a good idea. Have an industrial sink installed with better hydroponic capabilities. You can use other innovative ways to ensure that excess water doesn’t make the whole place messy.

How to set up you grow tent

Converting any room into a perfect place for plants is not an easy. That’s why most people opt for commercial grow tents which come well designed to fit easily all in one. Either way, after you have chosen perfect location, secured you electricity supply and solved waters supple issues to the room, here is what to do:

Setup steps

. Evaluate the setup costs factoring in all equipment and accessories as listed in your earlier blue print.

. Clear everything from the room that you may not be using for the set up. Thigs such as curtains, carpets, pets, rugs or even furniture should be relocated to other rooms leaving your grow tent area.

. Determine the space between buckets leaving room for more work while taking care of the growing herbs.

. Have a place specific for nutrients, bulbs, storage containers and pruning shears transforming the room into a full agricultural place.

Locate where to put the grow tent. If your plan is to pull air from the outside then putting it at the window or crawl roof positions will be viable. This is one of the top considerations even before the setup process begins.

An ideal beginner grow tent

When you are starting small, it is always important to take things slow. After learning a few tricks here and there about caring for herbs in grow tents, that’s when going increasing the size would be perfect. You don’t want to start big only to find your budding plants withering off. Here are some ideal dimensions of a grow tent with sufficient venting characteristics for two mature plants.

. 2 times 4inch ports designated for pipes, wire and cable management.

. 1 pocket poach that allows you easy access to pruning shears, gloves, sunglasses and even meters.

. 5x 6in duct port for intake and exhaust ventilation purposes.

. 3x rectangular air vents for better humidity control at all times.

. One window perfectly sealed to for easy monitoring without disturbing the plants.

3 beam supports for holding bulbs and wire cables together with carbon filters.

. It is mostly referred to the small square base grow tent that can not only help learn the art, but also supply you with quality leaves from two healthy plants for some puff.

Offering nutrient supply to your herbs

Every plant needs some nutritional care for faster growth and increased production. That’s why you see largescale farmers rely much fertilizers to nourish their crops. Marijuana too needs nutritional supple for increased foliage. Opt for feeding packages that will be perfect for the different stages of cannabis plants. Trust me, there are lots of them in stores out here. You can even order online if you wish.

Taking care of your grow area for increased productions

After some time, you will feel the urge to sell some rolls to your friends. Well ensuring that your plants can meet the demand with increased production is very important. Taking good care of the place will positively affect the production.

Close monitoring – This is necessary especially when the plants are sprouting out. Ensure that the ventilation is perfect with enough supply of air. Water should be also be sufficient, but not too much. Correct lighting should also be available at all times to give freshness to the herbs. Pruning will also help the plant create a more leaves rather than growing tall.

Check for pest infestation – Pests are a lifelong enemy of most plants and herbs aren’t an exception. Naturally, the nature of grow tents make it difficult for pests to come in. However, when you keep bringing extra equipment from outside such as ladders, trash cans or even hoses, then cases of pest infestations may occur. In most cases, this occurs in small numbers thus dealing with them the organic way will be viable.


Settling on perfect grow tents is the first step to growing your own marijuana secretively at home. There are numerous types and sizes of grow tents packages to choose from. However, it is important to begin with smaller ones before settling for the larger ones. Take good care of your grow area and monitor your plants for better foliage and faster growth. Good luck!

The SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Grow Room – Features and Benefit


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If you’re shopping for highly effective grow room equipment, then you should consider the SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Grow Room package. This is an extraordinary package that features a great Gorilla grow tent, an expertly in-built LED K3-L600 lighting system, a digital readout thermometer, among other excellent elements.

Read on to discover the key components and the extensive benefits of this irresistibly well-designed hydroponics kit.

To begin with, SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Grow Room contains the very best grow tent out there – the strongest, thickest, and the tallest of all tents. Again, this remarkably efficient package features a SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System which is universally recognized for its safety, fast growth, and hassle-free crop rearing.

If you aren’t convinced yet, then it would surprise you to know that the same kit has an A K3-L600 Kind LED Grow Light – widely regarded for its cost-effectiveness and reduced heat. Since this skillfully pre-calculated lighting option lowers heat accumulation, operational costs are markedly cut as there’s no need for cooling systems such as fans.

The unique user-friendly and striking efficiency indicators aren’t the only benefits of this outstanding grow enclosure. It also comes with Phresh carbon filters (the best carbon filter brand out there) and a specially engineered Trellis system for training and supporting your plants.

Thousands of growers report to have increased their harvests by well over 30% by using Trellis system in their grow tents.

Further, the SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Grow Room package includes an easy-to-use hygrometer. This vastly helpful device (a digital thermometer, actually) enables you to keep temperatures under check since different crops have varying growth conditions.

Besides temperature measurements, the digital thermometer also takes readings of both outdoor and indoor humidity levels to ensure that different plant necessities are met.

Additionally, this expedient hydroponics facility has an analog timers to help you control both sunrise and sunset within the enclosure. Other notable components include an Eco Series air pump, a general hydroponics pH control kit, a 185 gallon per hour water pump, a TDS meter, a TechnaFlora nutrient bundle, among countless other constituents for superior quality and guaranteed efficacy.

This awesome kit comes fully assembled for a trouble-free growing experience even for the most inexperienced growers.

A comprehensive DVD and a simply worded manual is also provided to start you off. As such, everyone can grow their preferred crops like a real professional – no experience needed. Another striking advantage of acquiring this package is its affordably discounted price – $1695!

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