The SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Grow Room – Features and Benefit


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If you’re shopping for highly effective grow room equipment, then you should consider the SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Grow Room package. This is an extraordinary package that features a great Gorilla grow tent, an expertly in-built LED K3-L600 lighting system, a digital readout thermometer, among other excellent elements.

Read on to discover the key components and the extensive benefits of this irresistibly well-designed hydroponics kit.

To begin with, SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Grow Room contains the very best grow tent out there – the strongest, thickest, and the tallest of all tents. Again, this remarkably efficient package features a SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System which is universally recognized for its safety, fast growth, and hassle-free crop rearing.

If you aren’t convinced yet, then it would surprise you to know that the same kit has an A K3-L600 Kind LED Grow Light – widely regarded for its cost-effectiveness and reduced heat. Since this skillfully pre-calculated lighting option lowers heat accumulation, operational costs are markedly cut as there’s no need for cooling systems such as fans.

The unique user-friendly and striking efficiency indicators aren’t the only benefits of this outstanding grow enclosure. It also comes with Phresh carbon filters (the best carbon filter brand out there) and a specially engineered Trellis system for training and supporting your plants.

Thousands of growers report to have increased their harvests by well over 30% by using Trellis system in their grow tents.

Further, the SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Grow Room package includes an easy-to-use hygrometer. This vastly helpful device (a digital thermometer, actually) enables you to keep temperatures under check since different crops have varying growth conditions.

Besides temperature measurements, the digital thermometer also takes readings of both outdoor and indoor humidity levels to ensure that different plant necessities are met.

Additionally, this expedient hydroponics facility has an analog timers to help you control both sunrise and sunset within the enclosure. Other notable components include an Eco Series air pump, a general hydroponics pH control kit, a 185 gallon per hour water pump, a TDS meter, a TechnaFlora nutrient bundle, among countless other constituents for superior quality and guaranteed efficacy.

This awesome kit comes fully assembled for a trouble-free growing experience even for the most inexperienced growers.

A comprehensive DVD and a simply worded manual is also provided to start you off. As such, everyone can grow their preferred crops like a real professional – no experience needed. Another striking advantage of acquiring this package is its affordably discounted price – $1695!

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Author: Sam Wilson

Sam is into Hydroponic for the last 5 years. He has several hydroponic systems (most of them are exotic plants). You can follow him on Google+, FaceBook, Twitter & Youtube.