SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ HPS Soil Grow Room – Top Choice for Bumper Yields!


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The SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ HPS Soil Grow Room is versatile turn-key indoor gardening package that has been circumspectly crafted with the buyer in mind. Simply put, it is the savvy grower’s companion to an unprecedented bumper harvest.

With this equipment and a comprehensive user guide it is sold with, even the most clueless in-house grower can run their hydroponics enclosure like a real pro!

This exquisite ready-for-use system features a gorilla grow tent 5′x 5′x 6’11″ (7’11″ w/ extension) – doubtless the largest and the most hardwearing brand in the industry. The extra room comes in handy for go-getting gardeners who would like to grow more than one crop species.

Additionally, you have nine five-gallon soil pots nourishing your preferred plants to optimal blooming and fruition. These heavy duty containers are specifically broad and deep enough for sustaining even the most demanding delicate and demanding plants.

With an innate sun supply Blazer 6″ AC reflector that consists of a powder-coated steel housing and tempered glass, you really don’t have to continue looking for a great grow room anymore. The blazer has integral air cooling flanges that improve internal circulation of air.

On top of the entire set of appealing component highlighted above, you get a package that features highly efficient in-built cooling fans. These rotating devices regulate temperatures and provide the much-needed cooling effect that all crops require for natural growth.

Would you really ignore a grow room equipment that includes a digital thermometer and a general hydroponics pH control kit? While the hygrometer enables you to keep an eye on both external and internal temperatures and moisture levels, the pH control kit is extremely useful as it helps you maintain the desired soil acidity and alkalinity percentages for particular plant types in your enclosure.

The mere fact the SuperRoom 5′ x 5′ HPS Soil Grow Room contains a skillfully engineered bond moisture meter for measuring the moisture needs of your crops and a TechnaFlora nutrient bundle for determining their nourishment levels makes it simply second to none.

Unlike other indoor farming enclosures that may see your crops grow awkwardly due to nutrient deficiencies or even withering due to dehydration, this all-in-one equipment is an absolutely dependable package that improves your yields rather exponentially.

The completely automated equipment has a 10-socket industrial power strip to avoid accidental damages as a result of unintentional electrical faults.

To this collection of benefits and inspiring advantages, add a set of analog timers for adjusting both sunrise and sunset. Don’t forget that the system has a GFCI shock buster for total control and efficacy. Surely, which sane grower would decline to acquire this superlative system for a measly 1,495.00?

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Author: Sam Wilson

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