SuperRoom 5′ x 9′ HPS Grow Room – Ultimate Package for Bumper Harvest


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The SuperRoom 5′ x 9′ HPS Grow Room is the right kit for your indoor farming project. The fully automated setup comes with a comprehensive manual that includes all the basic operational tips to help you embark on the actual growing shortly after purchasing.

Additionally, it is sold with an-easy-to-follow planting instructions loaded on a DVD.

These user guidelines are meant to minimize cases of damage as a result of 50-50 trial-and-error assemblage and use. Since some individuals may still mishandle their equipment due to inexperience or excusable oversight, the excellent paraphernalia also provides an extended three-year warranty to cushion you against unanticipated technical glitches or financial losses.

This California-made package is specially mechanized in a maximally user-friendly style to help even first-time growers undertake their project like long-established pros.

It includes a number of hi-tech easy-to-operate components such as a gorilla grow tent 5′x 9′x 6’11″ (7’11″ w/ extension) that provides you with ample room to grow many crops within a single enclosure. The sturdy is also an ideal choice for determined in-house farmers who may want to rear different crop varieties within the same grow room.

Moreover, the SuperRoom 5′ x 9′ HPS Grow Room features 12-site bubble flow buckets that enable you to combine time-tested horticultural deep-water culture and up-welling technology for greater results.

Unlike other products that can’t ensure equitable distribution of water and vital nutrients, this system makes it possible to spread moisture and essential nutrients evenly under the soil. With proper nourishment of every single stem, indoor farmers can confidently to a bumper harvest.

Added to the highly efficient functionalities above are other splendid components such as a 26-site super flow system – the very first non-blocking aeroponic hydroponics technology in the industry.

On top of this, there are Dual 600w HPS SuperCool lighting systems that are specifically configured for complete control and well-regulated penetration, a dual sunlight supply AC reflectors that entirely take care of the whole grow area.

Besides these rare specs and superior inclusions, the grow room also has a Phresh carbon filter for appropriately balanced internal air, well-set noise-free air conditioning fans, a fully mechanized trellis system for crop propping and training, and a digital thermometer for assessing external and internal temperatures and humidity levels.

However, the SuperRoom 5′ x 9′ HPS grow room is not as expensive as its breathtakingly dazzling attributes and efficacy may suggest.

This pre-assembled collection of effortless functionality and exponentially automated features goes for a small $2995.00! It is so affordably priced, yet it offers all you need to manage your in-home orchard like a real professional who has been doing for all ages past. Talk of the cliché – more for less!

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