SuperRoom 5′ x 9′ LED Grow Room – Key Points and Benefits


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The SuperRoom 5′ x 9′ LED Grow Room is a professionally assembled indoor gardening setup that includes everything you need to reap maximum yields. Besides being fully automated and inclusive of an instructional DVD full of user details and failsafe growing tips to get you started, you simply can’t resist this extraordinary offer.

It is the best grow room enclosure for gardeners looking for the best system for the best harvest.

Unlike other hydroponics grow enclosures, this all-inclusive automated farming apparatus features more than ten high-efficiency devices for optimal growth and timely fruiting.

The most paramount component in this hydroponics package includes an adjustable gorilla grow tent that provides added room for well-spaced planting. The height adjustable gorilla grow tent remains the most long-lasting and the biggest brand in the current market. Since the height can be modified accordingly, this tent option is singularly recommended because the measurements can be changed appropriately as crops mature.

Moreover, this type of enclosure is immensely advantageous due to its thickness. Thick grow tents help maintain healthy internal conditions for better plant health. As well, the meticulously engineered hydroponics kit gives you a choice between two superPonic systems.

The dual-option provision is quite essential since you’re able to select a system that suits your unique crop species.

Similarly, it enables the grower to pick an alternative that fits within their individual preferences. This is specifically important for small-scale growers dabbling in hydroponics as a hobby.

Another striking plus is the inclusion of 12-site bubble flow buckets that are universally known to facilitate greater growth rates and higher yields. Because these pails provider bigger root holding capacity, the package can be used to grow crops that have deeper roots and more delicate health needs.

Most impressively, the site flow system creates a well-oxygenated environment sustain a wide range of different crop needs.

Further, the SuperRoom 5′ x 9′ LED grow room has dual K5-XL750 kind LED grow lights that produce more harvest per watt.

With many credible studies showing the dire need for standard inter-nodal spacing, this excellent equip is therefore quite useful for indoor fruit farmers.

Other incredibly top-quality components in the package are an exclusive Phresh carbon filter, ActiveAir internal circulation fans, hurricane inline fan, a trellis system for partition and support, digital thermometer for monitoring humidity and temperatures, and a general hydroponics pH control kit to maintain the right soil chemical balance.

Despite all the countless top-of-the-range devices/functions in this package and its matchless user-friendliness, it’s still priced at a considerably discounted $3995.00!

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Author: Sam Wilson

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