SuperRoom 9′ x 9′ HPS Grow Room – Components & Top Advantages


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The SuperRoom 9′ x 9′ HPS Grow Room is the right equipment for growers looking for the dependable grow enclosures out there.

It is pre-assembled hydroponics apparatus that even starters will find incredibly easy to handle and maintain. This is because it comes with fundamental instructional tips on a DVD as well as extra brochures full of growing ideas to start you off.

It is simply one of the most convenient options for users who don’t have any previous familiarity with indoor farming paraphernalia.

In fact, this one-of-a-kind choice comes pre-packaged for immediate use.

Unlike many other brands in the industry, this uniquely exquisite facility attracts an extended warranty of three years. For instance, the kit includes the biggest grow tent alternative out there –the Gorilla Grow Tent 9′x 9′x 6’11″ (7’11″ w/ extension).

It is the largest height-adjustable enclosure in the current industry. Moreover, it is the sturdiest hydroponics product available for experienced farmers seeking to cultivate many stems or different varieties within the same enclosure.

Exclusively designed for indoor gardeners who want to reap maximum results, the manufacturer gives buyers of this extraordinarily efficient setup an opportunity to choose between one of the two SuperPonics systems available.

The 24-bubble flow buckets are the largest alternative in the present market and cater for particularly crops that have deeper roots.

In a similar vein, the 52-site super flow mechanism is the first non-blocking version that requires very little maintenance. It is also internationally lauded for its impressive growth rates across a wide range of herb species.

Other incomparable parts that make this optimized hydroponics kit versatile and user-friendly include four 600w HPS SuperCool lighting systems and sunlight supply Blazer 6″ AC reflectors.

The maximally radiant lighting option will allow you to practice hassle-free growing within the comfort of your homestead. It is also expertly crafted to provide different electromagnetic spectrums that meet the growth demands for various plant species.

Additionally, this unique reflector contains tempered glass and is extremely durable. Increased durability means that the apparatus requires less maintenance in the long term.

To the impeccable components above, add a Phresh carbon filter for internal purification, a set of air conditioning devices, a trellis system for crop training and propping, 185-gallon-per-hour water pump, a general hydroponics pH control kit for ascertaining both acidity and alkalinity, and a hygrometer for monitoring outside and inside humidity levels and temperature readings.

To purchase this awesome setup, with all its highly effective parts, you’ll only part with $4,999.95. It is evidently not as much as you’d estimate – is it?

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Author: Sam Wilson

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