SuperRoom 9′ x 9′ LED Grow Room – Top Advantages and Features


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Shopping for the right hydroponics kit is not a mean task. This is because the market is full of inferior brands that may not meet your indoor gardening expectations.

However, the SuperRoom 9′ x 9′ LED Grow Room is an absolutely reliable choice for individuals looking for dependable in-home farming enclosures. It is a sharp departure from other erratic kits that lack the required features for a stress-free growing experience.

One of the most appealing aspects about this breathtakingly efficient package is that it comes with a set of instructional materials that help you use it optimally and a few farming tips to get you started.

Again, the kit attracts an extended warranty that lasts a whole three years. This generous quality and maintenance guarantee shields you from any financial burdens occasioned by inexperience or accidental handling.

Further, the SuperRoom 9′ x 9′ LED Grow Room is particularly liked by millions of small-scale gardeners worldwide due to its wonderfully engineered components.

To begin with, the setup features a gorilla tent – the largest and the strongest grow tent available in the market. It also comes with added space for growers seeking to plant many stems or mixed varieties.

Note that some crop species should not be grown closely together.

On top of this expansive growing enclosure, the excellent still contains a 52-site super flow. The comprehensive super flow hydroponics system is the very first non-clogging aeroponic version. Moreover, the unprecedentedly reliable system has large diameter tubing that allows it to use 100% organic nutrients.

Its trays and reservoirs are made of UV resistant plastic and the aeroponic setup is therefore the safest and the most effective brand out there.

If you still doubt whether this is the right package to go for, then you should consider that it also has four K5-XL750 Kind LED grow lights for greater illumination and reduced monthly energy bills.

Don’t forget the Phresh carbon filter that is still a component of this awesome grow room option. The carbon-filled sift eliminates any unwanted odors and provides balanced internal air.

Other compelling parts include ActiveAir internal circulation fans and a hurricane inline fan for thorough air conditioning inside the enclosure, a hygrometer for gauging humidity levels and temperatures, a general hydroponics pH control kit, an Eco Series air and water pump, and a TDS meter for monitoring nutrient supply.

Regardless of the kit’s outstanding advantages and user-friendliness, it doesn’t cost a whole jackpot – only $6995.00! It is simply an unbelievably affordable must-have for any serious indoor grower.

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Author: Sam Wilson

Sam is into Hydroponic for the last 5 years. He has several hydroponic systems (most of them are exotic plants). You can follow him on Google+, FaceBook, Twitter & Youtube.

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