SuperRoom 9′ x 9′ LED Soil Grow Room – Advantages and Benefits


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For indoor growers who focus on higher yields and a standard hydroponics apparatus for a simple and pleasurable farming experience, the SuperRoom 9′ x 9′ LED Soil Grow Room is just the best kit for this worthy venture.

Besides being fully automated, this exclusively reliable equipment is the ultimate indoor enclosure for achieving your long-standing in-house gardening dreams. As a result, the equipment has received thousands of rave reviews from grateful farmers from across the map.

With a number of extremely efficient components, the extraordinary package attracts a rather stretched warranty of three years.

For new growers who may find handling grow enclosures somewhat challenging, this top-cadre godsend setup includes an instructional DVD and a few growing tips to give you the necessary preliminary overview and provide any important information on planting and long-term maintenance.

If you make any regrettable blunder and damage the kit, the manufacturer will still shield you from any monetary losses as enshrined in the consumer-centric warranty terms.

Some of the essential components included in this hi-tech growing kit comprise an extended gorilla tent. This height adjustable tent offers enough room for gardeners who want plant many stems or to rear mixed species within the same enclosure.

For beginners, gorilla grow tent is the largest version in the current market. In addition, the auspicious package features thirty five-gallon soil pots. These soil containers are large enough to accommodate heavy plant types that have remarkably deeper roots than other common indoor herbs out there.

Again, you should consider the four K5-XL750 Kind LED grow lights in this hydroponics apparatus as you assess its suitability. This energy-consuming lighting option provides your in-house garden with adequate radiance besides being a perfect way to tame your soaring monthly bills.

If you are not yet impressed, you most likely haven’t sampled the excellent kit’s Phresh carbon filter that effectively filters gaseous components to successfully neutralize internal air, ActiveAir circulation fans for thorough air conditioning, a great trellis system for appropriate crop training and support, and a digitalized thermometer for taking both inside and outside humidity levels and temperature changes.

And if you still think that the above functions and features are not appealing enough, throw in a TDS meter for gauging moisture and nutrient supply, a highly reliable general hydroponics pH control kit for ascertaining the acidity and the alkalinity levels of your soil, a bond moisture meter to alert you whenever your crops are dehydrated, TechnaFlora nutrient bundle, and a 10-socket industrial-strength power strip to curb any possible electrical mishaps.

And for all this, you don’t really have to spoil your budget – the price is a mere $5,895.00!

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Author: Sam Wilson

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